HISET (formerly GED)

High School Equivalency Diploma

It doesn’t matter what pulled you away from high school. We are just glad you are here.

EICC helps people of all ages and from all backgrounds prepare for, and earn, their High School Equivalency (HSE). Attend free day or evening classes online or in-person in Clinton, Davenport, or Muscatine. Work with caring instructors to strengthen your reading, writing, and math skills. And prepare for testing in social studies and science, too.

There are four ways to earn your HSE, taking the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) is one.  If HiSET, which was formerly known as the GED, is your path, you take the HiSET in each of the five subjects. Pass them all and you will be holding a diploma. And while the HiSET diploma isn’t the exact same as being a high school graduate it is close enough.

EICC believes you can succeed now and in the future. All of our HiSET grads are awarded a three credit college scholarship. That means you can take a free course and experience what college is really like. It is a valuable experience that builds confidence and opens you to all of the possibilities in front of you.

Nicole Bristol
"At first, I just wanted to earn my high school equivalency diploma, but the supportive staff here at EICC showed me I am capable of so much more. "
Nicole Bristol, Psychology, AA Degree
Watch Nicole's College Tour Story

Ready to get started?

No matter which campus you choose, you are part of the EICC community. Use the library, visit the food pantry, join student activities, or visit the career center for resume help. At EICC, we provide the encouragement and resources to succeed. Here’s more information:

There are a total of four alternative pathways to the High School Equivalency (HSE) credential:

  • HSE by examination – successful completion of the 5-part HiSET examination
  • HSE by credit recovery – specific coursework to complete the gaps in a student’s HS transcript – designed for individuals who are within seven or fewer semester credits of graduating
  • HSE by domestic degree – retroactive award for students who complete an associate’s degree or higher with a US-based, accredited institution of higher learning
  • HSE by foreign degree – retroactive award for students who complete an associate’s degree or higher with an accredited foreign institution of higher learning

You need to be: 

  • At least 16 years + 9 months of age
  • Not currently enrolled in a public or private high school
  • Have a state-issued photo ID
  • If you are under the age of 19, please provide a drop slip from your last school district
  • If you are under the age of 18, please submit a ‘permission to attend’ form

Complete intake assessments in reading and math, which we use to determine what, if any, areas you may need academic help. If you score high enough, you can move right into the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET).

If you could use a refresher in some subject areas, attend a three-hour class twice a week. We offer daytime and evening classes online and in-person. You will also have access to tutoring. 

Call to schedule a Pre-Assessment Appointment
  • Clinton Community College Learning Center – 563-244-7050
  • Columbus Junction Center – 563-288-6161
  • Muscatine Community College – 563-288-6161
  • Scott Community College West Davenport Center – 563-328-7690
  • West Liberty Center – 563-288-6161

Attend an orientation session. It will give you an in-depth understanding of the High School Equivalency program, processes and procedures, and how we can help you. This is required if you are new to the program or are returning after an extended absence. You also get to sign up for the classes.

The final HiSET exam costs $53.75, to be paid at the end of the program when you register for the tests. If this fee is a hardship, ask us for a scholarship application.

Assessment and testing is available by appointment in-person at the Muscatine, Clinton, and West Davenport testing centers. HiSET does offer a HiSET@Home option for those interested in testing remotely, but does charge and extra fee for remote proctoring services. Call now to schedule your testing:

  • Clinton Community College Learning Center
    944 Lincoln Blvd., Clinton, Iowa  52732
    563-244-7050 or toll-free 800-637-0559
  • Muscatine Community College Student Services
    152 Colorado St., Muscatine, Iowa  52761
    563-288-6161 or toll-free 800-351-4669
  • Scott Community College's West Davenport Center
    2950 N. Fairmount St., Davenport, Iowa 52804
    563-328-7690 or toll-free 800-895-0811

To access remote classes, you will need the following:

  • Computer, laptop, or tablet 
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Reliable internet connection

If you have access to the required equipment but do not have internet access, let us know. We provide free public WiFi at all EICC locations. If you are testing in one of our centers, all technology will be provided for you.

College Scholarship

Through the generosity of our college foundations, all students who receive their High School Equivalency Diploma from EICC will be given a voucher equivalent to three credit hours at Clinton, Muscatine or Scott Community College. You have up to two years to use the scholarship.

Take this chance to explore our diverse range of programs and discover the path that aligns with your goals and interests.

Whether you're interested in credit programs or non-credit career classes through our Continuing Education Department, this scholarship can be applied to both. Our offerings encompass a wide array of subjects, including Certified Nurse Aide, EMT/Paramedic, Welding, CNC Machining, and much more.

Danae Kimmins
"I earned my GED, and then was introduced to EICC’s welding program. In 16-weeks, I earned a welding certificate. It changed my life. "
Danae Kimmins, Fundamental Welding, Certificate
Watch Danae's College Tour Story
Two students standing amoung bookshelves smiling holding books


Visit your campus library. Use the computers. Ask staff for help with research. Find a nook and enjoy a quiet place to study. Not on-campus? Visit EICConnect to access electronic resources, including e-books, magazines, videos, and databases.

Containers of oatmeal on food pantry shelf

Food Pantries

Our cupboards, pantries, markets, and food fridges are stocked. Take what you need or give what you can. We realize what's going on in the classroom may be secondary to what is going on in your life.

Two students playing foosball in the student lounge

Student Activities

Our campuses are alive with activity and opportunities to get involved, lead, and make lifelong friends. Have fun. Play an intercollegiate sport or intermural match. Join a club tied to your major or a hobby. College should be full of growth and great memories. At EICC, that happens.

Student talking with advisor

Career Services

EICC’s Career Services department helps you refine goals, search for jobs, and launch a profession. Looking for work or an internship? Regional and national employers post openings on our job posting site. Upload your resume. Refresh it first using our free online tool. Meet with an EICC career coordinator to do a mock interview or to learn more about career pathways.


Megan Linzy on the cover of TCC Magazine
"It’s one thing to be told it’s never too late to chase your dreams and something else entirely to see someone actually doing it, barriers and all. That’s what you get when you meet Megan Linzy, a Scott Community College graduate and Office Coordinator for Eastern Iowa Community Colleges’ (EICC) West Davenport Center."
Megan Linzy
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Ready to Launch?

Start here. Earn a certificate. Build new skills in a short-term program. Step into the field and enjoy the edge you now have in the job market. From baking to digital analytics, we give you a launching pad.

Where do you want to go?


Still have questions? We have answers.

You must be within three months of your 17 birthday or older to enroll in the program. Individuals who are court ordered to attend HSE courses may enroll any time after their 16 birthday.

The assessments, in reading and math, are used to determine your placement in the program by identifying your specific academic needs.

  • Photo identification
  • 17 & 18 year olds will need a drop slip or letter of non-enrollment from the last high school attended
  • 17 year olds will also need Parent or guardian (to sign permission form)

The CASAS assessment scores are placement scores within the program and determine the class you are placed in.

Reading Scores

203 and below 1 – Beginning ABE Literacy
204 – 216 2 – Beginning Basic Education
217 – 227 3 – Low Intermediate
228 – 238 4 – High Intermediate
239 – 248 5 – Low Adult Secondary Education
249 and above 6 – High Adult Secondary Education

Math Scores

193 and below 1 – Beginning ABE Literacy
194 – 203 2 – Beginning Basic Education
204 – 214 3 – Low Intermediate
215 – 225 4 – High Intermediate
226 – 2435 5 – Low Adult Secondary Education
236 and above 6 – High Adult Secondary Education

Reading & Listening Scores

180 and below 1 – Beginning ESL Literacy
181 – 190 2 – Low Beginning ESL
191 – 200 3 – High Beginning ESL
201 – 210 4 – Low Intermediate ESL
211 – 220 5 – High Intermediate ESL
221 – 235 6 – Advanced ESL
236 and above Exit Advanced ESL


  • Registration is free.
  • Classes are free.
  • $53.75 testing fee paid to HiSET when you are ready to begin testing. This covers all five exams. If you need assistance with testing fees, let us know. 
  • Diploma fee is free for the first copy of your HSE diploma, verification letter or transcripts. Requests can be submitted once all HiSET scores are confirmed. Additional copies are $20.

Yes, we offer online Zoom classes and additional online resources such as Khan Academy. If you would rather attend classes in person, you can do that, too. We'd love to have you. 

Post-assessments scores will determine your progress through the program and towards your learning goals.

These assessments are required prior to taking the official HiSET.

Complete the HiSET assessment for each of the five subject areas: Math, Writing, Reading, Social Studies, and Science.

The Adult Education program hosts graduation ceremonies for each campus at the end of the program year, typically in June. All students who have successfully completed their HSE test are welcome to participate and to invite their friends and family.

Individuals may request High School Equivalency transcripts, verification letter or diploma. To submit a request, please go to DiplomaSender.

Through the generosity of the EICC and college foundations, all students who receive their High School Equivalency Diploma from any of the Eastern Iowa Community Colleges will be given a voucher equivalent to three credit hours at Clinton, Muscatine or Scott Community College. The scholarship may be used toward a course in a degree program or for non-credit certificate coursework. Graduates have up to two years from the date of completion to use their scholarship.

To request accommodations for test day, visit the HiSET Website or contact the Adult Education program and ask to speak with the HSE Career Navigator at your local campus.

Students in need of accommodations for access to instruction may request services from the Assistant Dean at their location.

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges ensures that its programs, activities, and services are in compliance with access provisions of state and federal civil rights legislation for persons with disabilities. The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) defines a person with a disability as any person who has a record of, or is regarded as having, a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activity. An “otherwise qualified individual with a disability” is a person who, with or without reasonable accommodations, can meet the essential program or course requirements.

District policy calls for reasonable accommodation to be made for otherwise qualified individuals with disabilities on an individualized basis. It is, however, the responsibility of the student to seek available assistance at each college, to make his/her needs known, and to provide current documentation of disability. Students with disabilities may use a variety of services or reasonable accommodations intended to reduce the effects that a disability may have on their performance in an academic setting. Services do not lower course standards or alter program requirements but instead give students a better chance to demonstrate their academic abilities.


Contact Us

Contact the college you plan to attend. If you’re not sure, you may contact any location.

Office hours - Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


Mary Jo Neir

Mary Jo Nier, Lead HSE Instructor, Clinton Community College


Scott Schneider, PhD

Scott Schneider, Dean of Adult Education