Reviewing Satisfactory Academic Progress

Review Your SAP Status

How do I review my Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) status?

  • Log in to Self-Service and select Financial Aid.
  • From the Financial Aid Home screen, select the ‘Financial Aid’ from top task bar.

    screenshot of self-service buttons
  • Select ‘Satisfactory Academic Progress’ at the bottom of the menu.

    Screenshot of Financial Aid drop down menu in Self-service
  • The results of your most recent satisfactory academic progress (SAP) review will be displayed in the ribbon at the top of the page.
    • If you see a red banner, you will need to submit a SAP Appeal.
    • For instructions on the appeal process and a SAP Appeal form, click on ‘Satisfactory Academic Progress’ under Helpful Links.

      Screenshot of Self-service financial aid satisfactory academic screen with red banner
  • You will be directed to the appeal form and other relevant SAP information on EICC’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals page.