Request a New Loan

How do I request a new loan?

  • Log in to Self-Service and select Financial Aid.
  • Select “Financial Aid” from the top taskbar.

    Self-Service header with Financial Aid link pointed out
  • Select “Request a New Loan” from the drop-down menu.

    Financial Aid Self-Serviec drop down menu with Request a New Loan pointed out
  • Enter Loan Amount
    • Select the Academic Year from the “Select an Award Year” dropdown menu.
    • Enter the amount you wish to borrow into the “Enter the Requested Amount” field.
    • (Optional) Enter any comments you wish to communicate to the Financial Aid staff into the “Comments” field.
    • Click “Next.”

      Request a new loan screen
  • Select Awards Periods
    • Select the terms you would like your loan processed for.
    • Click “Next”
    • Things to know:
      • EICC will review and process your loan request based on your enrollment, attendance, and other eligibility requirements.
      • Summer loans are processed separately and must be requested for summer term only.

        Request a new loan screen with Spring Term checkbox checked
  • Review and Submit
    • Review your loan request, paying attention to the loan amount and term selected.
    • Click “Submit.”
    • Things to know:
      • Submission of this new loan request authorizes EICC to process your loan as a Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized Direct loan according to the amount requested and your eligibility. EICC will process your loan for your maximum Subsidized eligibility first.

        Request a new loan screen with submit button pointed out
  • Confirmation
    • Your screen will show confirmation that you have submitted your new loan request.
    • Things to know:
      • You can only submit one loan request at a time for this award year.

        Request a new loan screen with confirmation message showing in green bar