Retirement & Savings Benefits

EICC employees working more than 19 hours are eligible for the following retirement and savings benefits:

  • 401(a) or 403(a) Retirement Plans begin immediately
  • You contribute 6.29% and EICC contributes 9.44%. Contributions are pre-tax and new employees must choose between the 401(a) (IPERS) or the 403(a) (TIAA) options.


IPERS is an Iowa State administered Defined Benefit Retirement Plan. See IPERS Membership booklet for full details. 

TIAA is an option for employees wishing to elect investments from a menu of choices and wish more freedom to move funds around or further diversify. See TIAA membership booklet for full details.

This 403b Plan through RIC is an employer-sponsored supplemental retirement savings benefit that provides an easy way for you to further save for your retirement. Employees select from a menu of investment options and set them up online. See RIC 403b Program Summary for further details.