Path Forward: Debt Forgiveness

Here's a path back into our classrooms. 

The EICC Path Forward: Debt Forgiveness program can reduce any outstanding balance you owe the college. You can return and resume your education. Once you graduate, the remaining amount owed is waived.

The program does not include student loan debt.

Here’s the details:

  • Earned a minimum of 12 credit hours with an EICC college following high school.
  • In good academic standing with a 2.0 or higher grade point average (GPA).
  • Has not earned an academic award with EICC.
  • Program of study must be currently offered at EICC.
  • Cooperative programs with other colleges are not included.
  • Has not acquired the debt within the last academic year or was enrolled within the last academic year.
  • Guest students are not eligible.

Print Student Eligibility List

  • Complete the agreement form 
  • Meet with your assigned academic advisor create an academic plan to complete your degree.
  • All enrolled courses must be in the approved academic plan.
  • Complete your FAFSA.
  • Meet with Financial Aid staff to plan for payment of the classes you will be taking. 
  • Pay (or have financial aid completed) by tuition due date for the current term.
  • Meet with your academic advisor three times during the term.

Once you meet the program requirements, enroll, pay for your current classes, and complete the term with a minimum 2.0 GPA, the past due balance is waived according to the formula below at the completion of the term.

Note: The hold on registering for classes is bypassed to allow registration at the start of the term. When the remaining balance is below $100, the hold is removed.

  • If you return full time (12+ credit hours) for one term, you receive up to $500 waived off your past due balance.
  • If you return one-half to three-quarter time (six – 11 credit hours) for one term, you receive up to $250 waived off your past due balance.
  • If you return for three to five hours for one term, you receive up to $125 waived off your past due balance.
  • Students with less than a $100 past-due balance are allowed to re-enroll and will be waived that amount upon successful completion of the term.
  • Enrolling in under three credit hours is not eligible for this program.
  • If you complete your degree during the term of re-enrollment, the remaining past due balance is waived.
  • By maintaining your eligibility (a 2.0 GPA and enrolling in courses on academic plan), you will continue to receive waivers of past due balance each term until the balance is removed or you graduate.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand there can be barriers to completing a degree, and we don't want a past-due balance to prevent anyone from achieving their goals. This program provides a second chance.

No. The amount of debt that is forgiven corresponds to your credit hours per term. However, when you complete your academic program, any remaining balance owed is waived. There is no limit on the number of terms as long as you are following your degree plan and doing well academically. Complete each term with a 2.0 or higher GPA to continue in the Path Forward program.  

If you end the term with a 2.0 or higher GPA, the debt reduction will be based on the number of hours successfully completed. If it's nine hours, you will receive $250 off your debt. Any schedule adjustment may impact your financial aid. You should visit with the Financial Aid office and your advisor before making a schedule adjustment.

Yes. You can return to EICC and change your program of study. Your advisor will assist you in making the best decision that respects your already earned hours and your goals. Once you choose your academic program, a degree plan will be created and designate the courses to take while you're enrolled in the Path Forward program. Our goal is to see you walking across the stage at graduation.

Meet with your advisor, and they will help you register and make any schedule adjustments. Their role is to support you and your goals. And they can explain any impact your courses will have on the Path Forward program, your financial aid, and degree plan. 

It depends. Complete the FAFSA and visit with the financial aid office. They can help you explore your financial options.

Yes. You can apply for an EICC Foundation scholarship. Fall scholarship deadline is March 1 and Spring scholarship deadline is November 1.

No. You must be an enrolled, degree-seeking EICC student. 

For more information about the Path Forward Program: