What does General Education mean?

What is General Education?

EICC holds that general education is "that aspect of the instruction program which has as its fundamental purpose the integration and development of every student's knowledge, skills, attitudes, and experience so that the student can engage effectively in a life-long process of inquiry and decision-making." (EICC General Education Goals, 2017) 

As a result of their college studies, all EICC students should prepare for twenty-first-century challenges by gaining: 

  1. Knowledge of Human Cultures and the Physical and Natural World-Through study in the sciences and mathematics, social sciences humanities, histories, languages, and the arts. 
  2. Intellectual and Practical Skills, including inquiry and analysis; Critical and creative thinking; Written and oral communication; Quantitative literacy; Information literacy; and Teamwork and problem-solving. 
  3. Personal and Social Responsibility, including knowledge and engagement-local and global; intercultural knowledge and competence; Ethical reasoning and action; and Foundations and skills for lifelong learning. 
  4. Integrative and Applied Learning, including synthesis and advanced accomplishments across general and specialized studies.