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Plan to earn a bachelor's degree? Start with us. You get a top-quality education and save money. Learn from instructors who are experts in the field. Graduate in as little as two years and move on to your transfer college. You are more than prepared. You are ready to succeed.

We partner with a number of state and private universities to ensure the credits you earn at EICC transfers to those schools. We’ve also built Transfer Major programs that clearly outline your course path, making your move to the next campus a seamless, simple experience. 


Can I Transfer with a Different Major? 

What is General Education?

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Yes. Earn any AA or AS degree from EICC, and the credits will transfer to your next college or university. However, whether they transfer as general education, electives, or core major courses is determined by the school you attend next.

If you enroll in an EICC "Transfer Major" program, the credits and courses you take are all pre-arranged. In most cases, you will wipe out required general education at EICC as well as take classes tied to your major. Complete the path as it is laid out, and all of your credits will transfer. 

If you earn an AAS, most of your credits will transfer, but some might not. Your advisor and the university you want to attend will help you figure it out. The same is true if you leave EICC before you graduate.

Types of Associate Degrees 


Associate of Arts


The first 2 years of a bachelor’s degree NOT in STEM — mostly liberal arts, gen-ed courses.


Associate of Science


The first 2 years of a bachelor’s degree in STEM.


Associate of Applied Science


A 2-year degree focused on career skills — most grads go to work after.

What's the difference between an AA, AS, and an AAS?

What is General Education?

How to Transfer

Start the transfer process with these two easy steps:

  • Request information from potential transfer schools and, if possible, visit their campuses. 
  • Check to see if your transfer school has an admissions partnership or joint enrollment agreement with EICC. If so, enroll. 
  • Find out transfer requirements and deadlines for your chosen transfer school and major. 
  • Visit your EICC advisor to ask any questions you might have. 
  • Make an appointment with a department advisor or admissions professional at your chosen transfer school to talk about your major and course of study. 

  • Complete and send your application to your transfer school. 
  • Complete and send the required financial aid and scholarship applications — with any additional required documents — to your transfer school. 
  • Check on immunization requirements for your transfer school, and complete verification forms if necessary. 
  • Have official EICC transcripts — and, if necessary, high school transcripts — sent to your transfer school. 
  • Determine if there are any additional placement tests that the transfer school will require you to take for admission or placement in courses. 
  • After you’re accepted by your transfer school, request that your transfer credits be certified. 
  • Select classes with the help of an advisor at your transfer school and register for classes. 
  • Pay your transfer school’s tuition and fees by their deadlines. 
  • Participate in orientation programs at your transfer school.



Your Degree = Success

Planning to earn a bachelor’s? Start here, then transfer your credits or associate’s degree. Studies show community college students who transfer into a four-year do better than the students who started there as freshmen.

Get a remarkable education and remarkable head start at EICC.

Explore the value of an associate’s degree

Transfer in Iowa

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The state of Iowa has a rich tradition of providing quality post-secondary educational opportunities for its citizens that also attracts students from all over the country and world. Today, Iowa's three Regent universities and 15 community colleges serve more than 150,000 students annually! Learn More

What if I transfer to

Your credits will transfer to any other accredited institution. We’ve worked out transfer agreements with select partner colleges and universities. Contact your advisor to know exactly how your credits will work at: 

Ames, Iowa 

  • 2.0 GPA required for transfer
  • +2 years estimated completion at ISU

See Iowa State Transfer Information

Contact an EICC Advisor about transferring

Davenport, Iowa

  • $1,000 scholarship offered to EICC students who apply for SAU/Dual Admission
  • 2.0 GPA required for transfer

See St. Ambrose University Transfer Information

Contact an EICC Advisor about transferring

Iowa City, Iowa

  • 2.0 GPA required for transfer
  • +2 years estimated completion at UI

See University of Iowa Transfer Information

Contact an EICC Advisor about transferring

Cedar Falls, Iowa

  • 2.0 GPA required for transfer
  • +2 years estimated completion at UNI

See University of Northern Iowa Transfer Information

Contact an EICC Advisor about transferring

Macomb, Illinois

  • 2.0 GPA required for transfer
  • 2+2 Agreements & Transfer Pathways with EICC

See Western Illinois University Transfer Information

Contact an EICC Advisor about transferring

Joint Admissions

Through joint admission, EICC students can enroll at their intended four-year transfer college while attending and completing classes with us. Not all four-year colleges offer a joint admission program, and some majors are not available through the joint admission program offered by a college. 

TIP: Each four-year college or university may name their program differently. Other names for this type of program include 2+2 and dual enrollment and Admissions Partnership Program.


A major advantage is that, once accepted into the program, you are immediately connected to an advisor at the four-year college for help in developing your transfer plan. You will have both a community college advisor and a four-year college advisor to assist you in staying on track. Each semester your community college transcript will be sent to the four-year college which will provide you with feedback on your progress.

Each joint admission program is unique, but other benefits of participation may include:

  • Access to the four-year college’s library, recreation center, or events (may require a student fee)
  • Career exploration services offered by the four-year college
  • Course plan that allows you to complete your bachelor’s degree with two years at the community college and two years at the four-year college (2+2)
  • Locking in your bachelor degree requirements at the four-year college

There are some guidelines students must follow to participate in joint admissions. For example, you may need to enroll in a joint admissions program within earning 30-35 credits with us. Usually you will need to maintain a 2.0 grade point average to keep your enrollment active in a joint admission program. Be sure to learn the details of the joint admission program you choose to join. 

After completing an EICC application, complete a joint admission application for your intended four-year college. Some joint admissions applications are available online and you will find them in the list below. The Advising office at your community college can help you locate an application and answer questions about joint admissions.

  • Clinton: 563-244-7001
  • Muscatine: 563-288-6001
  • Scott: 563-441-4181

Note: In most joint admission programs you will also need to complete a final transfer application to your intended four-year college during your sophomore year with us. We strongly recommend that you submit this final application a year before your transfer.

Contact Admissions

Contact the admissions representative from the college you plan to attend. If you’re not sure, you may contact any rep. Each can answer questions about any college or program.

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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