Data Analytics



Be the person company leaders seek out before making big business decisions. Work in data analytics and be valued for your insight into numbers. Gain the skills in this short-term certificate program and enjoy quick entry into this rapidly growing career field.

What You Learn in Data Analytics

Learn analytics tools and techniques, how to work with databases, and create data visualizations. You also learn how to apply statistics and predict future trends and events.

What Can I Do With a Data Analytics Certificate? 

You’ve got the skills, and know the tools, to extract insight from data. Use it to help companies make better business decisions. Work in the fields of operations, marketing, finance, and more. And specialize in areas including data and preprocessing, classification, clustering, association analysis, and anomaly detection.

This is a great add-on certificate to so many of our degree programs, and a great way for those currently employed to upskill and advance in the workforce. It is a short-term certificate program that offers long-term gains.

A Solid Foundation


So essential


Obtaining, presenting, and organizing statistical data is key to analytics.

Intro to Data Analytics

Test the hypothesis

Intro to Data Analytics

Discuss how data analysis ties into decision-making scenarios.

Information Computing

The basics

Information Computing

Theory and hands-on practice in spreadsheets and data management systems.

Data Analytics II

Go underground

Data Analytics II

Learn about data mining then connect it to real-world applications.

Ready to get started?

The Data Analytics Certificate is an advanced certificate, so there's a few things you need to get started:

You need to have a good knowledge of statistics and have taken a few classes:

  • Elemental Statistics
  • Information Computing

Because this is an advanced certificate we want you to be prepared with one year of college already completed.

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Ready to Launch?

Start here. Earn a certificate. Build new skills in a short-term program. Step into the field and enjoy the edge you now have in the job market. From baking to digital analytics, we give you a launching pad.

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