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A great leader is a great listener, which is key to resolving conflict, creating solutions, and collaborating. Gain tools and techniques you can use to ensure your team is efficiently and effectively working together. Earn this microcredential in just four sessions.

What You Learn in Conflict to Collaboration

Explore how to change work relationships and interactions from conflict-ridden to collaborative. Explore deep listening, learn the path of a conflict episode, and three distinctive solution paths.

Training Modules

Listening is the foundational skill for conflict resolution. It requires a sustained effort to remain in the present moment and suspend judgment.

Rating Criteria

  • Understand key attributes of listening
  • Understand barriers to listening
  • Correctly explain, using examples demonstrating the four levels of listening

Conflict begins when you become aware that something you care about is threatened. Understanding how the conflict episode unfolds and how to take action to avoid escalation will increase the possibility of resolution.

Rating Criteria

  • Define conflict and the implication of the definition         
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of the conflict episode          
  • Can explain the dynamics of conflict escalation, including distributive and integrative solution paths  

In this session, participants explore the three sources of conflict and their distinctive solution paths. Using what was practiced in the previous workshops, you will learn how to find integrative space within a conflict situation.

Rating Criteria

  • Can use the Neutral Statement method to determine type of conflict      
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of the three types of conflict: Factual, Interest Based and Behavioral
  • Can explain conflict de-escalation by using examples of  the solution path for each type of conflict

How organizations manage conflict reflects on their ability for collaborative decision-making. Learn how the addition of dialogical skills will work with the previous training modules to create an environment for collaboration and effective decision-making.

Rating Criteria

  • Understand the meaning and intent of dialogue
  • Demonstrate use of Humble Inquiry questioning techniques to achieve “listening to understand”
  • Understand and demonstrate using examples of the four behaviors of effective dialogue (listening, respecting, suspending and voicing)

Participant will use a real conflict example, demonstrating listening and dialogical skills, to explain conflict management and the techniques to maneuver the conflict episode to appropriate solution paths.

Rating Scale

  • E :  Exceptional. Exceeds basic expectations. Consistently demonstrates superior performance and behavior. Serves as a role model for others.

  • M : Met. Adequate demonstration of skill.

  • NM : Does not meet criterion.

  • NA : Not assessed at this time. Opportunity not available to demonstrate skill. Does not affect score.
“Jessica Fah is inspiring, encouraging, and exciting, creating an engaging environment for our class. She has such a presence in the room, making the training even more effective because of her knowledge and personality.”
Kambren Bigwood, Clysar Human Resources
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