Agricultural Science



Whether you want to contribute to growth of a farming operation, or get in on the ground floor of agribusiness sales or marketing, this is how to get started. This diploma provides an introduction to both fields and a pathway to a great future.

What You Learn in Agricultural Science

Study the market system, the science behind maximum yields and healthly livestock, the ways and whys to protect crops. Learn about renewable resources, communication techniques that let you listen and make sure you are heard. Enjoy this challenge: Fully explore your career possibilities. Complete two paid internships.

What Can I do With an Agricultural Science Diploma? 

Prepare for a variety of roles. Work in agricultural sales and equipment. Or marketing, production, or distribution. Already employed by a farming operation? Use your education to take a step up the ladder. Or keep going and open more doors. This diploma fully counts toward two of our AAS programs: Agribusiness Management and Farm Management. Spend one more year with us and earn a degree. 

A Solid Foundation

Soil Science

An introduction

Soil Science

Study the physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil.

Futures & Options

The principals

Futures & Options

Learn market operations, terminology, contract specifications, and chart trends. Discuss hedging.


There's a theory


Dive into competition and imperfections in the market, consumer choice, production costs, and more.

Advanced Animal Science

To raise or share

Advanced Animal Science

Study practices, management programs, reproduction, gestation, health, and more.

Muscatine Ag intern working at wallaces with plants

Get Paid to Learn

Our Agriculture programs take hands-on learning to the next level with four paid internships built into your education. On average, EICC Ag students earn $18,000 and rack up 2,000 hours of work experience before graduation. If you look at it that way, you are getting paid to learn.

Student meeting with student advisor going over paperwork

Ag Scholarships Available

Enroll in one of our agriculture programs, then apply for scholarships awarded by EICC foundations, FFA, Growmark, and more. Our goal is for you to achieve yours, and scholarships can help.

Learn more about scholarships
Three Muscatine students hanging out in studnet housing living room on couches

Knock knock. Live here.

MCC offers housing scholarships for students in our Ag programs. Apply now. These campus apartments are a great place to live and learn. Choose a single room or get a roommate and share a two-room suite. Either way, you have plenty of room to kick back and relax with friends. Grab a book and a seat on your couch.

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Join the National Professional Agricultural Student Organization (PAS). Competitive style learning and real-life application help you become a skilled professional prepared to work in all areas of agriculture. It is also a student-led organization, so you can build your leadership skills, too.


Livestock Evaluation Team

Here's a unique opportunity to expand your skills. Join EICC's new Livestock Evaluation team! Travel with teammates to livestock shows and events. Gain hands-on experience in animal science and network with industry experts. Join now! Contact Ag Instructor Julia Dieckman.

Call Julia at 563-288-6018
Email Julia at
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Start in High School

Get a jump on your career while you are in high school. Through our Career Academies, complete a semester to a full year of courses. It's free and cuts down on the time you spend completing your EICC degree, often in half. Save time and money, and launch your career sooner.


Your Degree = Success

Complete your education in two years. Qualify for better jobs. Earn a higher salary. Enjoy a better quality of life. The benefits of an associate's degree are impressive and wide-ranging.

Explore the value of an associate’s degree


Employment and Wage Outlook


Contact Admissions

Contact the admissions representative from the college you plan to attend. If you’re not sure, you may contact any rep. Each can answer questions about any college or program.

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