1. What is the EICCAlert system?

    EICCAlert is a system for quickly delivering emergency messages by email or text (cellphone) to students, faculty and staff on all EICC Campuses. EICCAlert is built upon the RAVE Wireless platform.

    The system will be activated when there are immediate threats to the safety of those on an EICC Campus or weather related closings. Notifications will be sent to email and cellphones of those who add their numbers to the system. Messages will be brief, include basic information and provide instructions on how to obtain more details.

    All announcements will still continue to be posted on EICConnect.

  2. How do I sign up to receive EICCAlert?

    Student, faculty and staff EICC issued email address (i.e., jemployee@eicc.edu or jstudent@live.eicc.edu) in the EICC system are automatically put in the EICCAlert system. Students, faculty and staff need to log in to EICCAlert and add additional email and cell phone numbers, up to three each. Your EICCAlert Username is your EICC issued email address (i.e., jemployee@eicc.edu or  jstudent@live.eicc.edu) A computer generated password has been sent to all students, faculty and staff at their EICConnect email address. To reset a password click the “Forgot username or password” below the login area and follow the directions.

  3. For what types of emergencies will I be notified via this system?

    EICC will send out EICCAlert in potentially dangerous situations and weather related closings. The system would be activated for events reflecting immediate pending danger such as a violent person on campus, a dangerous chemical spill or a bomb threat evacuation.

  4. What is the time in which I should expect to receive an EICCAlert?

    An EICCAlert will be broadcast in a timely manner as soon as all appropriate information is reviewed and a decision is made to send out an alert.

  5. Will www.eicc.edu and EICConnect contain information about the emergency?

    Information regarding an EICCAlert will be posted on the EICC website and EICConnect.

  6. Other members of the EICC community received emergency (or test) EICCAlert messages, but I did not. What should I do?

    If you did not receive an EICCAlert notify EICC Help Desk @ 563-336-3456 or helpdesk@eicc.edu.

  7. What action should I take if I do receive an EICCAlert?

    EICC students, faculty and staff should carefully follow any instructions given in the EICCAlert.

  8. Who can I contact with additional questions?

    EICC Help Desk @ 563-336-3456 or helpdesk@eicc.edu