In an effort to keep our students safe and informed in emergency situations, Eastern Iowa Community Colleges have added a new system to help alert students, faculty and staff of school closings and other emergencies.

EICCAlert is a free service* to send text and voice messages and email notifications to students, staff and parents about campus closing.

*EICCAlert does not charge subscribers to send or receive SMS messages. Standard or other messaging charges apply depending upon your  wireless carrier plan and subscription details. Once registered, you can opt out of SMS messages at any time by texting STOP to 67283 or 226787.

Sign up for EICCAlert

Students, Faculty, and Staff: Register to receive EICCAlert messages:

  • School Closings
  • Bomb Threats
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Accidents
  • Terrorism
  • Other Imminent Dangers

How to sign up:

  1. Log onto EICConnect

  2. On the main page, click on the EICCAlert icon OR

    • For Students
      Under Self-Service, click on ‘User Options’, and then ‘Update Contact Information’

    • For Employees
      Under Self-Service, click on ‘User Options’, and then ‘Update Contact Information’

  3. Under Phone Numbers enter your cell phone number and select 'Yes, I want to continue recieving text messages from the College.'

  4. Click on the 'Update Phone' button to complete the process.

The box below contains an example of a sample alert that users may receive via text or email through the EICCAlert system.

EICC Alert: Activities at CCC are canceled today, Jan 25, 2000, due to weather. All classes and activities are canceled.

EICCAlert is just another tool to get the word out and will be used in conjunction with other methods.

All colleges will still post ALL announcements on EICConnect as well as make announcements on local television stations. Each college has Facebook and Twitter pages in which they will post any announcements:

Other announcements will be made on the following:


For Clinton Community College

Radio Stations

  • KCLN
  • KROS
  • KMAQ
  • KUUL
  • WCCI
  • KMXG
  • WOC
  • WLLR
  • WVIK
  • KCQQ
  • KJOC
  • WSDR
  • KQAD

Social Media


For Scott Community College

Radio Stations

  • WLLR 103.7
  • KUUL 101.3
  • KCQQ 106.5
  • WKBF-AM 1270
  • News Talk WOC-AM 1420        
  • KMXG-96.1 FM
  • 112 KJOC-AM 1170
  • WXLP 96.9
  • KBOB 99.7
  • KORB 93.5

TV Stations

  • Channel 4
  • Channel 6
  • Channel 8
  • Channel 18

Social Media


For Muscatine Community College

Radio Stations

  • KWPC 

TV Stations

  • KWQC
  • WQAD
  • WHBF

Social Media