The Clinton Community College Alumni Association has honored outstanding contributions to the college since 1981.  Through the years, those honored have been individuals, organizations, and businesses.  They have made contributions of resources, equipment, time, and many, many talents. Thanks to these outstanding contributions, CCC, one of the Eastern Iowa Community Colleges, has thrived.  The 2024 Outstanding Award honorees continue that legacy of contributions that make changes in our students’ lives.  CCC Student Senate recognizes those that made a difference during the year.  These honorees serve, promote, educate, inspire, and make the world a better place.  How fortunate we are to have these folks in our community!


Outstanding Friend of the College

Jean Roeder changes lives every day.  Through her daily efforts to affect others, Jean helps so many, including Clinton Community College students through her active promotion of the annual B-rrry Scurry 4-Mile Run.  The Pam Pray Run raises funds for Children’s Therapy Center and Make-A-Wish, and is a partner with the B-rrry Scurry and YWCA Clinton Half Marathon in the Mississippi River Challenge.  Because of her efforts, more kids are helped, our community is stronger, and more B-rrry Scurry Scholarships are awarded.  Jean Roeder is the 2024 Outstanding Friend of the College.


Outstanding Volunteer

Richard Gosnell is a hard worker.  He works part time at the Bickelhaupt Arboretum, and then, when he is done working, he volunteers even more hours at the arb. A majority of his time is dedicated to outdoor grounds maintenance including mowing, fall leaf cleanup, and label making.  Rich has a special touch and interest in growing the collection of dahlias.  The wonderful thing about Rich is that he is willing to help whenever and wherever needed.  Nominator David Horst commented, “His hard work and dedication these past seven years have made the arboretum a much better place for all to enjoy.” Congratulations to 2024 Outstanding Volunteer Rich Gosnell.


Outstanding Business Associate

Information, Referral & Assistance Services serves our community every day.  If you do not know the staff and volunteers at IR&A, make it a point to do so.  They are kind, caring, and very knowledgeable about the many resources in our area.  When students have immediate needs such as a gas card, utility assistance, or rent concerns, Regan and her staff are able to field the calls and direct people to resolution.  How fortunate we are to have this incredible resource for all, especially CCC students.  Thank you for all you do, Information Resource & Assistance Services, the 2024 Outstanding Business Associate.


Outstanding Staff / Faculty Member

Marion Short serves on our custodial staff, however, his real position is chief customer service officer.  Marion is in tune with people in need.  His kindness expands beyond a smile and kind words.  Marion lives his faith.  He has given the coat off his back and the cash in his wallet to assist a students in need.  Our college is not only cleaner, but kinder thanks to this incredible ambassador of good in the world.  The 2024 Outstanding Staff/Faculty Member is Marion Short.


Outstanding Alumnus

Hayle Calvin is a Clinton Community College graduate with the Class of 2019.  In her life, Hayle has made many outstanding contributions.  She has used her talents in art to create a mural commissioned by the Clinton Downtown Alliance along the Mississippi River Riverfront Drive.  The mural is a colorful depiction of the community working together. In addition, Hayle is a published illustrator for the book “Susie Clark – The Bravest Girl You’ve Ever Seen” which shares the story of desegregating Iowa schools in 1868.  Susie Clark was a brave girl, and Hayle used her talent to tell Susie’s story.  In addition to drawing and painting, Hayle is skilled in graphic design working as an Associate graphic designer for a global non- profit organization called Winrock International that has projects in over 100 countries in areas of agriculture, clean energy, climate change, human rights, and U.S programs. Plus she shares her talents with the Clinton Discovery Center.  Congratulations to the 2024 Outstanding Alumnus Hayle Calvin.



Outstanding Graduate

Armando Pantoja is an outstanding advocate for student life on the Clinton Community College campus.  Though not currently a part of the Student Senate, Armando interjects with strong ideas for the group to execute.  He is a member of Super Awesomeness Club and is encouraging the creation of new clubs such a Film Club.  Nominator Dylan Temple stated, “Armando is constantly thinking of new club ideas or ways to improve campus life at CCC.”   Congratulations to 2024 Graduate Armando Pantoja.


Student Senate Club of the Year – Taylor Swift Society

The Club of the Year award goes to a group that has been dedicated and active. This club always makes sure to include others while going above and beyond with their events. They are in their inaugural year and have been open to any potential student or staffer interested in the music of 14-time Grammy Award Winner, Taylor Swift. The group's efforts on campus have not gone unnoticed, as they hold meetings on the 13th day of each month and craft friendship bracelets while listening to Swift’s tunes. They also hosted a community-wide dance on December 13th in celebration of the popstar’s birthday, seeing over 30 attendees. Student Senate has selected the Taylor Swift Society as Club of the Year.


Student Senate Club Advisor of the Year – Mat Endress

The Club Advisor of the Year goes to an advisor familiar with the award. His club holds weekly events with the idea of building connections and friendships through both underground and iconic game titles of our time. When you share the room with this club advisor, you are fired up and rallied by his passion for improving and growing Clinton Community College and EICC alike. Admirably, he is not just an advocate for the multi-time club of the year he advises, but for every other Student Senate recognized club on campus. The EICC Gaming Convention Coordinator, and this year's Club Advisor of the Year is Mat Endress.


Student Senate Friend of Students – Shawn Hamerlinck

The Friend of Students award goes to someone who dedicates their time to making sure students are taken care of and he always lends a helping hand to make sure that every student he engages with crosses the finish line. He was instrumental in the decoration of our beautiful stage around Christmas time and busted a move at the Taylor Swift Dance not long after. He is constantly gathering resources to execute student's ideas around campus and has a vast array of real-world experiences to draw from that always make for an engaging and informative learning experience for students. Student Senate has selected Shawn Hamerlinck as this year's Friend of Students Award recipient.


Student Senate Above and Beyond – Jennifer Austin

The Above and Beyond award is presented to an individual this year instead of a club. She has collaborated and gone above and beyond to grow our campus life while making every student she encounters feel special. Another instrumental individual to the college's student life, who participates in nearly every event her busy calendar allows. She offers up much of her personal time and dedication to making sure events and activities are followed through on. Many students at CCC confide and trust in her ability to lead them in the right direction, whether that be in school or their personal lives. Student Senate honors Jennifer Austin as this years Above and Beyond award recipient.