Eastern Iowa Community Colleges is committed to staying current with today's most in-demand workplace training. We're excited to announce the expansion of our Horticulture program with our new Succulent Cultivation certificate.

Are you ready to dive into the juicy world of succulents? In EICC's new Succulent Cultivation program, we’ll explore these remarkable plants that have mastered the art of water conservation. From their plump leaves to their thickened stems, succulents are the ultimate water hoarders. But don’t be fooled by their fleshy appearance – these little botanical superheroes are more than just pretty faces. They’re the desert dwellers, the rock stars of arid climates, and the champions of survival.

Course offerings will include:

Get up close and personal with those chubby leaves and engorged stems. Discover how these water-storing tissues help succulents thrive in harsh conditions.

Uncover the secrets of succulent hydration. Are they sipping their morning dew like sophisticated tea connoisseurs, or are they straight-up sucking it from the soil like tiny plant vampires?

Learn how succulents outwit Mother Nature. We’ll discuss their clever adaptations, from rolling up their leaves to minimize water loss to their underground storage organs that keep them going during tough times.

Cacti vs. Non-Cacti – who reigns supreme in the succulent world? We’ll settle this botanical battle once and for all.

Dive into the art of succulent design. Create your own mini desert landscapes, master the art of propagation, and learn how to arrange succulents like a pro.

Pack your sunscreen and join us on a field trip to a local succulent garden. Get inspired by the diversity of shapes, colors, and textures these water-savvy plants offer.

Program Prerequisites

  • A love for quirky, plump plants.
  • A willingness to embrace the word “succulent” without giggling (we know it’s hard).

Program Instructor

Meet our newest faculty member in Muscatine Community College's Agricultural Department: Vera Verdant. Vera is a succulent enthusiast and certified plant whisperer. She is known for her succulent-themed poetry nights and her ability to identify obscure succulent species blindfolded.


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