According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in June 2022, 4.4 million Americans permanently quit or changed jobs, and 10.7 million job openings were reported. With numbers like this, it’s nearly impossible to find a company in any sector that is fully staffed. As a result, some companies are minimizing job requirements to fill positions. Rather than focusing on a specific skill set, they look for candidates who would be a good fit, and from there, invest in the training needed.

Employers need to get creative when it comes to locating talent

Companies like Tyson Foods got a head start on this work when they partnered with Eastern Iowa Community Colleges to create the 1+2 Maintenance Technician program. Other companies, like Sterilite, have invested in existing employees by providing leadership training designed to help new and emerging leaders jump on the fast track.

”The Frontline Leadership program is a standard training tool for newly promoted supervisors. Those who have completed that program come back to work with a fresh insight and new ideas,” said Lori Bassow, Sterilite Human Resources Manager.

Companies have to remain competitive in order to hire the best employers

In the past, hiring managers could rely on labor market data to determine the right pay for the job. Now, hiring managers need to track the pay their competitors offer and ensure they’re providing comparable wages or other valuable benefits that will draw high-quality workers. The “Harvard Business Review” suggests companies work to explore the metrics that impact retention—compensation, time between promotions, size of pay increases, tenure, performance, and training opportunities—to identify trends and blind spots in the organization.

Culture counts

The expectation of long-term employment with one company is no longer the norm. Getting to the core of what drives your workforce is key to attracting and retaining good talent. Survey employees. When they tell you their needs, listen and be responsive. Sometimes little things make a huge difference, and it isn’t always just about the money.

Retain your workforce with professional development

It’s no secret—employees who have access to professional development and educational opportunities are more likely to stick around. EICC offers a wide variety of course options to build the skills of your workforce, as well as customized training to meet your organization’s specific needs.

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