High School Students

If you're not already taking classes from us, you probably know classmates who are.

Thousands of high school students have taken classes at Clinton, Muscatine and Scott Community Colleges. Many are taking them right down the hallway at their high school. Some are making the trip to one of our campuses or taking classes online, and still others are picking up a class or two in the evening or on Saturday mornings.

College Connections

The College Connections Program provides students an opportunity to take individual college courses either in their high school, at the college or online. Classes offered include transfer courses and career and technical education classes. College Connections courses are offered in partnership with your high school. The high school covers the cost of class including tuition and books. 

Career Academies

Start your college degree now by participating in a Career Academy.  Each academy starts students on the path towards a certificate, diploma or degree in a high demand career field.  Students will complete one year of a college program while in high school with many of the academies resulting in an earned certificate by high school graduation.  The academy classes are offered at the college and students will spend half days taking classes towards their career field. 

Self Paid

Many high schools students want to get a jump start on their education.  With approval from your high school counselor and parent, you can pay for and take college courses while in high school.  Students often select college courses their high school does not offer.  Students take courses in the evening, online or during summers.  We simply ask for your high school’s approval to ensure your college work doesn’t interfere with your high school plans and graduation requirements. 

High School Advising Team

For more information on starting your college education now, contact our high school advising team:

Clinton Concurrent Advisors:

  • Adrienne Gibbs
    Serving Bellevue and Maquoketa schools

  • Holly Hansen
    Serving Central DeWitt and Calamus-Wheatland Schools

  • Joe Shovlain
    Serving Clinton, Easton Valley, Marquette, and Prince of Peace Schools

Muscatine Concurrent Advisor:

Scott Concurrent Advisors:

  • Molly Gleason
    Serving Davenport North, Assumption, and Mid City High Schools

  • Emily Jepsen
    Serving North Scott High School

  • Lori Perez
    Serving Davenport Central, Davenport West, and North Scott Schools

  • Jill Spengler
    Serving Bettendorf and Pleasant Valley