Accessing Digital Course Materials

What is the Online Bookstore eLibrary?

eLibrary link in EICC Online Bookstore drop down menu

The eLibrary is where the bookstore keeps a record of all digital course materials that you have access to.

To visit the eLibrary, log in with your student account, click on your username located at the top right, and then select "eLibrary." Each digital text you have access to is listed along with title, author, and access information.

Accessing Digital Course Materials

eLibrary screenshot displaying digital content types

Instructions differ based on the publisher and item, but the bookstore will email access information, which is also listed in the eLibrary. 

Most access is sent soon after orders are placed, but some may take longer. Check your account to see whether an item is pending fulfillment.

Types of Digital Course Materials

Vitalsource Digital Content

You MUST access VS materials for the first time through your bookstore eLibrary by clicking "Access Now."

Once logged in, the text appears on the VS bookshelf. Links to the texts are also available through your Learning Management System (Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, etc.). If you are new to VS, you should create an account with your school email address. If you have used VS in the past, you should access your new materials with your existing account.


Courseware from publishers like McGraw Hill, Cengage, or Pearson is accessed through their websites. The eLibrary will have links to the platform as well as unique access codes. *While most courseware access information is emailed, some is physically mailed. Courseware access that is mailed will not appear in the eLibrary, but tracking information will be listed under the "Purchases" page.