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CCC's Alumni Association is an active organization that celebrates our graduates and all they achieve, and supports the goals and dreams of our current students. 

Membership is open to all CCC alumni and friends of the college. 


"CCC provided me with a great educational experience that has opened many doors for me throughout my education and getting into the workforce. Any degree can get you in the door with an employer, but I feel going into any interview that I have a step up on my competition because of my two extra degrees on my resume."
- Casey Hlubek, 2003 Graduate, AA & AS Liberal Arts

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"Clinton Community College helped to pave the way to my future by providing coursework which set the stage for future learning. Also, providing a wide selection of online classes through the Iowa Community College Online Consortium is a great way for working adults to earn their degree."
Sharon Benson, CCC Graduate, AA Degree


We are an active group, and proud to:

  • Sponsor the annual Student Leadership Recognition Luncheon, honoring our future leaders.
  • Sponsor the annual Outstanding Awards, recognizing people and organizations who've made notable contributions to the college.
  • Provide student scholarships through the Paul B. Sharar Foundation.
  • Print and distribute the quarterly Alumni Association/Sharar Foundation newsletter.
  • Support the college's annual B-rrry Scurry Road Race in addition to a number of student activities during the academic year.
  • Raise funds throughout the community to support Clinton Community College and Alumni Association initiatives.

Through the generosity of alumni and donors, students who never thought they could afford a college education are sitting in our classrooms. They are filling in-demand jobs in healthcare, manufacturing, IT, and more. They are establishing careers and roots in our region, and enjoy a great life. Help us give more students the same opportunities. 

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Alumni Association's Outstanding Awards

2023 Outstanding Award winner group photo
We presented the 42nd annual Outstanding Awards at a luncheon in May, 2023. The CCC Student Senate also presented its annual honors at the event. 

2023 Awards


D-Lectable D-Lites

D-Lectable D-Lites is a sweet and savory production studio using only the freshest and seasonal ingredients. Melissa Werner puts her heart and soul into her creations and it shows. D-Lectable D-Lites is a staple at community and many CCC events. She promotes the college on her social media, and encourages people to stop by for lunch. Just like CCC, she is loyal and committed to her customers and is always a delight to work with. Congratulations to 2023 Outstanding Business Associate, D-Lectable D-Lites.

Clinton Trees Forever

The nomination said it well: “Just ask and they will come! With the request for trees for our new Clinton Career Advancement Center, the Trees Forever group said ‘YES!’ And on Arbor Day, April 28, they came en mass to teach us how, and then to plant, 17 new trees. For generations, the planters will drive by to admire the trees planted in 2023.” Thank you to the 46 volunteers that planted trees at the Career Advancement Center, and to the members of Clinton Trees Forever.

Metallica and All Within My Hands

The 2023 Clinton Community College Alumni Association Friend of the College is Metallica and the All Within My Hands Foundation! The contribution made by the band Metallica and their All Within My Hands Foundation goes beyond scholarships. The encouragement the Metallica Scholars Initiative has provided to our students is priceless. Each Metallica Scholar is proud of their journey to gain skills, complete a degree, and build a career. Each feels that Metallica believes in them, and their investment in the scholarship program demonstrates that belief. That is why the CCC AA named Metallica and All Within My Hands Foundation as the 2023 Outstanding Friend of the College.

Amy Madsen-Smith

Amy Madsen-Smith embraced the role of Dean of Instruction less than two years ago, after more than 20 years as an instructor at Clinton Community College. Since being named Dean, Amy has taught classes, learned the position of Dean of Instruction, designed two new Career Advancement Centers, guided new and seasoned faculty, communicated regularly with our high school and industry partners, and is now navigating the Guided Pathways transition in the EICC Deans of Instruction roles. She can and does, do it all! In the midst of constant learning and transition, Amy has kept the proverbial balls in the air and performs with the confidence of a true professional. Amy is a quality Clinton Community College employee who gives her all to her role as Dean and in all she does!

Mary Jo Nier

The nomination said it well: “What a year it has been in the High School Equivalency Program! Under the guidance of Lead Teacher Mary Jo Nier, the number of completers has increased by double digits. Mary Jo is committed to the HiSET students as they earn their degree then start on their college education. She cheers on students as they head to the finish line and celebrates their victories. Mary Jo is solutions based, and an education is a great solution for many. With her leading the team, we will continue to see the number of HiSET graduates increase.“ 

Kaylee Renkes

Kaylee Renkes is a student who checks off all the boxes: President’s List, Phi Theta Kappa, Military, active volunteer, and campus leader. With each engagement, Kaylee brings poise, kindness, respect, and her best effort. One example is the Chili Cookoff, when the one person who had never made chili found a fabulous recipe and claimed the Chili Cookoff Championship. Kaylee has been on the President’s or Deans’ list her entire CCC journey, and each year you think it will be difficult to top the prior year’s effort, but she does just that. Kaylee is a non-traditional student who is always thinking of others and CCC. She epitomizes the caliber of student that represents CCC to the fullest. She is passionate, compassionate, energetic, patient, and a true gem to be around.

Super Awesomeness Club

This Club of the Year goes to the group that has been the most dedicated and active. This club always includes others and goes above and beyond with their events. Club of the year is not only an active at CCC but also takes part in the community. This club is newer and they have worked hard to engage others, and their efforts have not gone unnoticed. The Student Senate has selected SuperAwesomeness as Club of the Year.

Advisor Jennifer Austin

This award goes to a staff member who has dedicated their time to make sure students are taking care of and always offer a helping hand when they can. She also stepped up and covered a role that was out of her job description and was a rock star with the greatest dance moves at CCC Prom. The Friend of Students award is presented to Jennifer Austin.

Phi Theta Kappa & Gaming Guild

The Above and Beyond award is presented to two clubs this year. Both groups collaborated and went above and beyond to grow our campus. These students created a space for all students to play board games, video games, and connect with one another. This award is presented to Phi Theta Kappa and Gaming Guild.

Heather Evans

The Best Friend of Student Senate award goes to someone who has changed the lives of Student Senate members. This staff member deserves so much recognition for everything she has done. She is a great role model and mentor. She has taught the Student Senate that anything is possible and to never give up. She has always taken the Student Senate under her wing. She is one of the biggest advocates for the students and has provided us with so many opportunities. The Best Friend of Student Senate is Heather Evans.


Michelle Allmendinger

New for 2023 is the College President Potential award. Student Senate wanted to honor an individual who is leaving CCC to be closer to pursuing her dreams as a college president. This staff member has grown CCC and has always put the school’s best interests forward. Thank you to Michelle Allmendinger for all you have accomplished on our campus. CCC offers best wishes and luck in your future endeavors. We know you will succeed.