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Skilled welders are in high demand, especially in this region where manufacturing reigns. It is a great career, so grab your spot. We prepare you to succeed. Get hands-on in our welding lab. Join the workforce in as little as 8 weeks. Iowa’s Last-Dollar Scholarship may even cover your tuition. 

What You Learn in Welding

Learn the skills of plasma cutting, oxy-acetylene cutting, and air arcing. Learn to read blueprints and welding symbols. And you spend a lot of time in the lab refining a range of industrial techniques: 

  • Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
  • Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW)
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)

A short-term certificate is a quick first step into the workforce. We make it easy with day and night classes.

Want to get a college award or just the training? We offer both. The only difference is how your tuition gets paid, and we're happy to walk you through your options. 

What Can I Do With a Welder Diploma? 

Your skills, knowledge, and experience are essential to industrial production. Work for a small shop or Fortune 500 firm. Be a specialty trade contractor or focus on repair and maintenance. Choose your industry: manufacturing, construction, transportation, infrastructure, defense, and more. 

A Solid Foundation

Workplace Safety

A must

Workplace Safety

Learn to work safely in all aspects of manufacturing industry.

Gas Metal Arc Welding

See you in the lab

Gas Metal Arc Welding

Flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead GMAW techniques.

Welding Fundamentals

Follow the tail

Welding Symbols

Master the language and meaning of welding symbols.

Shielding Metal Arc Welding

Bring it on

Shielding Metal Arc Welding

Perform American Welding Society compliant welds on carbon steel.

Danae Kimmins
"I earned my GED, and then was introduced to EICC’s welding program. In 16-weeks, I earned a welding certificate. It changed my life. "
Danae Kimmins, Fundamental Welding, Certificate
Watch Danae's College Tour Story

Ready to go? 

Our program prepares you for a great career in less than a year. Graduate with hands-on welding skills and experience, and quite possibly, a job offer on the table. Here's more details:

  • You graduate with an industry-approved 10-hour OSHA certificate.

You will need to provide some essential safety equipment, including a welding hood, jacket, gloves, and pliers. Safety glasses and steel-toe boots are also a must. This is equipment will cost an estimated $250, and you'll use it throughout your career. Financial aid or an EICC scholarship may cover some or all of this expense. Get in touch with your advisor.

Academic Programs vs. Training Programs

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Often, EICC students who just want career training sit in the same classroom, learn the same material, and are taught by the same instructor as those working on a degree. You can choose either path. Academic programs are eligible for financial aid and scholarships. Training programs may be covered by other funding sources. We'll outline your options.

Tour the Welding Lab

Meet the Instructor

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Iowa's Last-Dollar Scholarship

You may be eligible to earn a degree in this high-demand field for zero tuition costs! You file for financial aid, and if your Expected Family Contribution is at or below $20,000, the state covers the remaining balance beyond the aid for which you are eligible. More than two dozen career programs qualify, including this one. File your FAFSA by July 15.

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Fast track your career

This is a quick and affordable way to enter the workforce and make good money. Our two-year degree, diploma, and certificate programs are a fast track to successful careers in the trades, technology, healthcare, and more. Enjoy hands-on training, expert instruction, and incredibly affordable education. A four-year degree is great, but two-years or less is even better. Enroll in our programs now, then brag about your quick return on investment.

Mike Begyn, welding instructor, teaching young adults how to weld

Make an Impact

Use your welding skills at work and to benefit the community. As THE Community's College, we want to contribute to our region in ways that make a real impact. That's what our welding students did when they used their skills to assist a local organization that provides horseback riding to individuals with disabilities. Read on and learn more.

Large metal VandeWalle agriculture tractor sculpture at Mucsatine Community College

Fuel your Creativity

A welder has the power to build, repair, and yes, create art. EICC students use their skills at work, at home, and at play. In fact, a group of EICC students partnered with a local artist to create a one-of-a-kind sculpture. Read on and learn more.

Students in welding gloves, jacket and helmets in welding lab

Start in High School

Get a jump on your college education while you are in high school. Through our Career Academies, complete a semester to a full year of courses. It's free and cuts down on the time you spend completing your EICC degree, often in half. Save time and money, and launch your career sooner.


Ready to Launch?

Start here. Earn a certificate. Build new skills in a short-term program. Step into the field and enjoy the edge you now have in the job market. From baking to digital analytics, we give you a launching pad.

Where do you want to go?

Employment and Wage Outlook

Contact Admissions

Contact the admissions representative from the college you plan to attend. If you’re not sure, you may contact any rep. Each can answer questions about any college or program.

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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Welding Locations:

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Muscatine Community College Industrial Technology Center

Muscatine Industrial Technology Center

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