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Begin Your Criminal Justice Career Now

Explore the field of Criminal Justice, and identify your perfect career, while your still in high school. Join this Career Academy and earn up to 16 college credits and a Criminal Justice certificate, for free! Continue your education after graduation. You've already got a jump start. Use your credits toward an EICC Criminal Justice diploma or AAS degree. You can wrap up your education in as little as 1.5 years and start working in the field. Or, transfer to continue your education and earn a bachelor's degree. 

Earn your Criminal Justice Certificate

During high school

  • SOC:110 Introduction to Sociology, 3 credits

  • CRJ:100 Introduction to Criminal Justice, 3 credits
  • CRJ:101 Ethics in Criminal Justice, 3 credits

  • CRJ:120 Introduction to Corrections, 3 credits
  • CRJ:233 Probation, Parole, Community-Based Corrections, 3 credits
  • WBL:109 Exploring Careers, Government and Criminal Justice, 1 credit

Award: Criminal Justice certificate (16 credits)

Continue after high school

Apply your Certificate toward our Criminal Justice Diploma and/or Criminal Justice Associate in Applied Science Degree. Or transfer to a four-year partner institution to earn a bachelor’s.

The diploma award provides a foundational education that expands skills in criminal justice, the dynamics of crime and society, government, the social sciences and liberal arts/humanities.

Learn more about the Criminal Justice Diploma

The degree prepares students intellectually, and physically, for law enforcement academies and employment in the field of criminal justice.

Learn more about the Criminal Justice AAS degree

The degree prepares students transfer to a four-year institution with a major in Criminal Justice. The transfer major in Criminal Justice will provide you a broad education with emphasis in criminal law, the dynamics of crime and society, government, the social sciences, and liberal arts/humanities.

Learn more about the Criminal Justice Transfer degree

Your Career in Criminal Justice

Choose from law enforcement, courts and corrections, controlling and preventing crime, helping people and communities, analyzing criminal behavior, and delivering rehabilitation services in this wide-ranging career! 

  • Police Officer
    Protect your community members on the local, state, or federal level.
  • Correctional Officer
    Supervise those being legally held in jails, prisons, and holding cells.
  • Private Investigator
    Aid in cases on the local, state, and federal level by investigating legal, financial, and criminal matters.
  • Crime Prevention Specialist
    Work closely with communities to help innovate strategies to prevent crime.
  • Crime Scene Investigator
    Analyze every aspect of a crime scene, finding and collecting evidence such as DNA and fingerprints.
  • Homicide Detective
    Uncover evidence to identify and arrest murder suspects.
  • Probation Officer
    Supervise convicted offenders who are sentenced to probation rather than prison.
  • Parole Officer
    Supervise convicted offenders who get released from prison to ensure they stay out of trouble and do not end up back in prison.
  • Narcotics Officer

    Specialize in the process and investigation of drug trafficking.

  • Youth Correctional Counselor
    Work closely with juvenile offenders to help them make better choices. 
  • Customs Inspector
    Work at ports of entry such as seaports, international airports, rail stations, and vehicle border crossings to prevent weapons, illicit drugs, harmful agricultural pests and other prohibited items from being illegally imported into the United States.
  • Fingerprint Technician
    Help identify suspects based on findings of evidence by collecting, examining and analyzing fingerprints left behind at crime scenes. 
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