Transfer In: Prior college work

Get credit for your previous work at other colleges. There are a few ways to do that:

One way to earn credit towards your degree is to have credits earned at another accredited college or university transferred to EICC. Your previously earned credits will be carefully evaluated to ensure that they meet our criteria for transfer.

See current EICC Catalog for more information

EICC does not evaluate international transcripts. If you have a transcript from a foreign country, you must have a third party transcript evaluator determine how the courses translate to U.S. courses. While we will accept evaluations from any AICE ( or NACES member (, we highly recommend Educational Credential Evaluators ( or World Education Services, Inc. ( EICC reserves the right to request additional information from you such as course descriptions, syllabi, or other documentation. Transfer Specialists can look at a copy prior to evaluation if the transcript is in English to determine whether it is worthwhile to pursue the third party evaluation process (i.e. whether there are courses that are likely to transfer)

According to the Iowa Liaison Advisory Committee on Transfer Students (LACTS) Agreement, Iowa’s community colleges and Iowa’s public universities agree that:

  • The public universities will, upon request of an Iowa community college and in accordance with their own policies and procedures, evaluate academic credentials of international students attending Iowa’s community colleges who subsequently plan to transfer to one of the public universities. This service will be provided only once per student prior to application to the public university to which the international student plans to matriculate.
  • The community colleges will provide the necessary official documents. These transcripts must be certified as true copies of original documents. It is imperative that the community colleges have original documents from which they can make certified copies. Additional information needed for an evaluation (i.e., the student’s educational chronology, or English translations of academic records), will be submitted by the community colleges if requested by the public universities.

You may choose to graduate under the requirements of a prior EICC catalog as long as you were enrolled under that catalog and have been continuously enrolled in the college. Continuous enrollment means you have earned credit during an academic year (each semester). When program requirements change, course substitutions may be considered for the student at the discretion of the academic dean. It is best to graduate under the most current catalog requirements, especially if you plan to transfer to a four-year college or if you are enrolled in a program requiring specialized accreditation.

By applying for joint admission, you may be admitted to both EICC and the transfer institution at the same time. Advisors from both colleges will help you plan your course work to ensure a smooth transfer process. EICC has signed Joint Admission Agreements or Admission Partnership Programs with the University of Iowa, Iowa State University, St. Ambrose University, Palmer College of Chiropractic, University of Northern Iowa, Western Illinois University and Trinity College of Nursing and Health Services. 

If you are a student returning to EICC to pursue a degree or diploma after an absence of three or more consecutive years, you may request permission to remove one or more entire academic terms from future degree and GPA considerations. Contact the Dean of Student Development for additional information.