Accreditation & Mission


Eastern Iowa Community Colleges is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. HLC accreditation new window means our programs meet or exceed the standards for academic excellence set for every public and private college in a 19-state region. The colleges are approved by the Iowa Department of Education and the Board of Regents. Individual programs are accredited by associations within their respective fields.

EICC is accredited by the Iowa Department of Education, which also has approved all of its academic programs. A comprehensive visit by the Iowa Department of Education is scheduled for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Mission Statement

Deliver high-quality education and training that prepares a skilled workforce, provides affordable access to higher education, and builds and strengthens our communities.

Quality Vision

Be the first choice for education, training and partnerships that strengthens Eastern Iowa.

Statement of Ethical Values

EICC is guided by the belief that a cohesive and productive community is one of shared values and practices. Hence, the following core values and ethical principles are designed to assist us in making decisions and determining appropriate courses of action:

  • Human Well-Being and Safety:

    EICC employees value and protect each other from harm by fostering an environment that is safe and peaceful for all employees, students and visitors.

  • Human Dignity:

    EICC employees respect the human dignity of all individuals with courtesy and sensitivity.

  • Honesty and Trustworthiness:

    EICC employees use resources, personnel and assets for furthering the mission of the District only and not for personal gain.

  • Consistency and Harmony of Interests:

    EICC employees avoid conflicts of interest and the appearance of conflicts.

  • Justice and Fairness:

    EICC employees treat everyone equally, justly, and fairly.

  • Authenticity or True Self-Identification:

    EICC employees identify their personal views and actions as private citizens from those expressed or undertaken as institutional representatives.

  • Freedom of Expression:

    EICC employees freely express themselves and recognize the freedom of others to do the same.

  • Integrity:

    EICC employees are conscientious with regard to their words, actions, intent, and relationships and the impact of their behavior on others.

  • Professionalism:

    EICC employees are professional in the discharge of their duties and promote personal and student development.

  • Sustainability:

    EICC employees strive to conduct our activities in an ecologically sound, socially just and economically viable way to maintain and enhance a healthy planet for humans and other species.