It was time for Amanda to step forward and shine.  

Yes, under the lights as she crossed the stage at the Scott Community College (SCC) Commencement ceremony, but more so, in her life. While she graduated on May 10, she took the first step eight years ago when she enrolled in her first class.  

“I wanted to do this for myself. I’ve taken a backseat while raising my children and while my husband was finishing an apprenticeship. Now my kids are 21- and 16-years old, and I wanted to do this for me. I want to be able to support myself if anything happens to my husband,” LeVan said, adding her associate's degree in early childhood education opens her to new opportunities.  

“I’m elated, happy, excited, and a little nervous - like on Christmas morning when you are opening presents and so filled with anticipation,” she said.  

Before coming to EICC, LeVan earned a Child Development Associate (CDA) certificate at another community college and was working full-time at an early childhood center.  When she decided to continue her education and earn an associate’s degree, that college wouldn’t give her credit for the CDA classes. She reached out and learned EICC would. She enrolled in her first class in 2016 with 16 credits on her transcript. 

“I felt immediately welcome, and being a non-traditional student, that was awesome, too,” Levan said. She took night classes, “and I went one step at a time. One class at a time. Paying for each class as I went,” she said.  

Juggling work, parenthood, classes, and homework can be challenging at times, LeVan said, but it shouldn’t discourage anyone from setting a goal and taking that first step. “Look. I did it. Never say never. Yes, you’ll be up late but don’t blink. You will persevere. Push forward and keep going, no matter if you are 20-, 45-, or 65-years-old.” 

And yes, while at EICC, LeVan did shine. “I am proud. I did it and I graduated with honors, too,” she said. “There’s a lot to be said for women power.”  

About EICC’s Early Childhood Education Program  

EICC’s Early Childhood Education program is designed for those eager to shape young lives. This hands-on program provides essential training in child development, curriculum planning, and classroom management, preparing you to create enriching experiences for children from birth to age eight.  Already earned a Child Development Associate? We have an agreement that makes you eligible to receive up to 17 credit hours toward your degree – that’s more than a semester of work you won’t have to repeat. Learn more at .