Do you ever think about how you want to be remembered? Are there things about your life that you want to share with your children and grandchildren, but you just aren’t sure where to begin? Join local author and publisher, Jodie Toohey, on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022, from 6 – 8 p.m. at Clinton Community College (CCC) for her course, ‘Writing About Your Life and Legacy.’

Learn the strategies you need to get started on your life’s story. Bring your pen, paper, or laptop, and be prepared to walk away with ideas, direction, and the confidence to put you on the path to a sharable written legacy.

This is your chance to loosen the reigns on your inner-critic and free yourself to tell the stories that lie within. Your legacy is truly different than anyone else’s—and it deserves to be told in its own unique way.

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The cost of tuition is $19.00. Class will be held in Room #116 at CCC, 1000 Lincoln Blvd in Clinton, Iowa.

This class is part of Eastern Iowa Community Colleges’ ‘Lifelong Learning’ series, brought to you by the Office of Continuing Education. These courses provide you with the opportunity to energize your mind, make new friends, and become part of a growing and vibrant community of lifelong learners.

About the Instructor

Jodie Toohey is the author of three novels, including “Missing Emily: Croatian Life Letters”; “Melody Madson – May It Please the Court?”; and” Taming the Twisted”; as well as three poetry collections, including “Crush and Other Love Poems for Girls”; “The Other Side of Crazy”; and “Versed in Nature: Hiking Northwest Illinois and East Iowa State Parks.” In 2019, she published her first non-fiction book, “Book Marketing Basics: The 5 Ps, Applying the Fundamentals to Your Book.”

When Jodie is not writing, she is helping authors, soon-to-be-authors, and want-to-be authors from pre-idea to reader through her company, Wordsy Woman Author Services. She lives in Iowa with her husband, daughter, son, cat, and beagle.