Join Iowa companies leading the way in additive manufacturing on Sept. 22, 2022 at 7:30 a.m. for a free 90-minute webinar, Industry 4.0: Additive Manufacturing.

Additive manufacturing has been expanding into many industries over the past several years. The 3D printing solutions used in additive manufacturing have many advantages over traditional manufacturing. Companies looking to increase agility, reduce costs, and become more resilient to supply chain disruptions, should consider the advantages of additive manufacturing to improve traditional manufacturing processes and directly produce finished parts.

Participants of the webinar will hear directly from experts in the additive manufacturing industry and discuss their experiences, lessons learned, and best practices. Topics include: the benefits of incorporating additive manufacturing into your company’s pipeline; the sustainability of additive manufacturing; and the processes of transitioning to additive manufacturing.

Also included, is an Additive Manufacturing Playbook, which includes information to support companies looking at moving into, or expanding into, this emerging industry.

This webinar is perfect for those who are considering additive manufacturing, expanding work in this area, or are actively using additive manufacturing and curious about potential new innovations.

This Industry 4.0 Webinar is brought to Iowa’s manufacturing community on behalf of the Manufacturing 4.0 Consortium Partners: ABI; IDOE; IEDA; ISU/Ciras; IWD; DOE; PDI; UNI/IDM, and Iowa’s 15 Community Colleges.

Questions? Please contact Eastern Iowa Community Colleges’ Director of Continuing Education and Professional Development, Paula Arends, at or 563-336-3357.