When Muscatine Community College (MCC) student Brock Jeambey was considering what to do after high school, he only knew he wanted a hands-on career close to home. It wasn’t until an Engineering Tech instructor presented at his high school that he discovered all of the opportunities available in the field.

“Engineering Technology just sounded like a really good degree and something I would enjoy doing,” Jeambey said. Beyond that, he knew he could get started at MCC and graduate ready to work in just two years.

“It’s really high-demand everywhere,” he said. “I know by choosing this degree and career pathway, I won’t go into thousands of dollars of debt for my education and I’m going to be set-up for success.”

Engineering Technology includes a core group of courses built to areas of specialization in Automation, Electromechanical and Process Control, preparing students to work with equipment and tech used in manufacturing and related fields.

It’s just one of dozens of programs the college offers that teaches students specific, on-thejob skills. With a wide variety of career labs across all three of our Clinton, Muscatine and Scott Community College campuses, students can work with the same equipment they’ll find in the real-world. Oh, and instructors who have been there, done that.

“It’s really important,” Jeambey said of the opportunity to put what he learns into action. “The experience to back up what I learn in the books has been great and the instructors are super helpful and really encouraging. You can tell they like what they do…they like teaching and they’re excited about it.”

With one year of training down and only one to go, Jeambey is already thinking about where he’d like to apply his newly developed skills and knowledge.

“A lot of area companies need people with my degree; I’m excited to get a job and start working and begin the next chapter in my life.”


Engineering Tech is just one of many programs housed within the college’s Industrial Technology Guided Pathway. With Guided Pathways, students can more easily explore their options, identify their educational and career goals and chart a clear, structured path to a successful completion. The college currently offers 30+ programs in the following pathways:

  • Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources
    Immerse yourself in the natural world of wind, water, land, plants and animals.
  • Applied Digital, Visual & Communication Arts
    Express yourself and communicate with a wide variety of audiences creatively using language, art and design.
  • Business, Finance, Marketing & Management
    Prepare to thrive in the everchanging global economy.
  • Government & Criminal Justice
    Prepare for careers in law, public safety and security, including professional and technical support services.
  • Health Sciences
    Provide highly skilled care and compassion to improve people’s lives.
  • Human Services & Education
    Help individuals or families meet their personal needs.
  • Industrial Technology
    Work with your hands and your mind to problem-solve, build, repair or invent.
  • Information Solutions
    Make a difference in the lives of consumers, business and industry.
  • EICC Online
    Earn your Associate’s Degree or prepare for an in-demand field from wherever you are with the flexibility of online classes.
  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
    Use emerging technologies, science and math to understand the planet, solve problems and create innovative methods, ideas or products.
  • Transportation Technology
    Keep consumers, business and industry moving by ensuring vehicles are in working order.

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