Guide to Class Schedule


#2: Clinton Community College

#3:#4: ACC-111   #5: Intro to Accounting   #6: (3 cr.)   #7: P   #8: VT

#9: Prerequisite: Complete MAT-053 with a grade of D- or better or minimum math placement score based on college assessment.
#10: 206270 #11: CLL01 #12: 08/26/19-12/18/19 #13: 09:10AM-10:10AM #14: MWF #15: LNCN106 #16: Teney


Schedule Parts

  1. : Classes marked with a check mark (✓) meet the General Education requirements

  2. : This number and course title help you find your course description in the EICC catalog.

  3. : The number of academic credits earned for successful completion of the course. If you are planning to transfer credits to another college or university, please consult an advisor to ensure the course(s) you select will transfer.

  4. : A "P" after the credit hours indicates that the course demands a prerequired course. We try to identify every course needing a prerequisite, but if there is any question, consult your advisor.

  5. : A list of the prerequisites required for the class.

  6. : The six-digit computer number indicates each section of a course being offered. There is one number for each different time the class is being offered. Multiple class times listed beneath a single computer number means that a particular class will be meeting at all of those times and days.

  7. :

    • The first letter denotes the campus offering the class (C for Clinton, M for Muscatine, S for Scott)

    • The second two letters explaining the method of instruction. Methods of instruction are: LL for lecture/lab; EC for eCollege; EH for hybrid (classroom lecture/online); EP for eCompanion; ER for eCollege Restricted; CO for correspondence; IS for Independent Study; OS for offsite; and HS for high school

    • The number indicates the section

  8. : M = Monday, T = Tuesday, W = Wednesday, R = Thursday, F = Friday, S = Saturday

  9. :

  10. :

  11. :

  12. :