Industrial Hemp Production

Beginning in 2020 hemp production is legal in the United States under the guidance of each individual state. Muscatine Community College has developed this diploma program to provide you the training you need to succeed in this developing new area.

The one-year program puts you on the cutting edge of this new field. It has been more than 70 years since Iowa farmers were last allowed to grow hemp crops.

As a student in the program you will complete three specific hemp-related courses, along with others already taught in the college’s long-established agriculture curriculum:

  • Industrial Hemp Production - Designed to introduce students to the emerging Industrial Hemp Industry, focusing on all growing stages of the Hemp plant from seed to harvest. 

  • Industrial Hemp Post Harvest - Begins right after the industrial hemp crop is harvested and continues through the processing of the plant. Learn the different ways Industrial hemp can be processed in order to create the desired end product and the many byproducts of each production model.

  • Industrial Hemp Management - Being successful in the Industrial Hemp Industry requires you to be up to date on industry rules and regulations. Learn how to legally set up and continue a successful industrial hemp business.


Award Options for Industrial Hemp Production


Paid Internships

One of the great things about the MCC agriculture programs is you have the opportunity to complete on-the-job training. The money students earn from the training often pays for all of their tuition costs for the program.


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