Medication Manager

This class is designed to prepare the participant to safely administer or supervise self-administration of nonparenteral medications. It is for those who are employed in a fifteen-bed or less MR facility, child caring facility or supervised apartment or community based living. Emphasis is placed on safely administering medications or supervising self-administration from a prescription bottle and observing for obvious reactions to medications.


  1. List the legislative requirements associated with medication administration.
  2. Describe the role of the medication manager and identify required methods of drug storage/ disposal.
  3. Define terms associated with drug administration.
  4. Differentiate between different drug preparations including precautions for administration.
  5. List six rights of medication administration and identify information medication managers must know prior to administering medications.
  6. Demonstrate correct procedures for safe administration of nonparenteral medications.

The program fee is $199. For more information contact the Continuing Education Department at 1-888-336-3907.