At the crossroads of countless civilizations, the Kingdom of Jordan is situated in the heart of the Middle East. Based in the vibrant city of Amman, day excursions to Petra and the Dead Sea will enhance this nine day short-term study experience.  There is truly something for everyone to experience in this captivating country which will immerse students in Jordan's rich heritage. Students will spend most mornings at Al-Quds College. Read more about Jordan

 EICC students in Jordan


Ireland’s physical beauty of lush green rolling hills, giant Cliffs of Mohr and friendly seaside tributaries are only eclipsed by its dynamic population with a long and well documented cultural heritage.  In small quaint villages evidence of early Neolithic inhabitants nuzzle beside each subsequent wave of settlers from the Vikings, Druids, and Celts leaving a lasting impression ... Read more about Ireland

Cliffs of Mohr