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How to Use Continuing Education Online Registration

This page is designed to assist you in using our Continuing Education Online Registration.
Simply point your mouse cursor to highlighted areas for more information.

Search, Register and Pay for Continuing Education Classes

You may enter as many search criteria as you wish, but you will only see classes that meet ALL of your criteria, so start with a broad search.
(Enter criteria in only 1 or 2 boxes.) If your Search For (Keyword) is unsuccessful, please try the Search Try by Topic drop down list.

If you know a portion of the title, enter it here. For example, if the class is Introduction to Computers,you can enter Computers and receive a list of all classes with the word Computers in the title.  Example: a portion of the class title

OR Clicking in this box provides you with a list of class groupings. Select one of those groupings for a list of all classes in that area. 

If you know the five or six-digit section number, enter it here.  (5 or 6 digit number)

Starting On/After Date To search for classes beginning on a specific date, or to search a range of dates, enter dates in both the Starting on/After Date and the Ending by Date boxes. (Note, if you know the specific date on which a class is starting, enter that date in both the Starting on/After Date and Ending Date fields.) Dates should be entered in numerical form. For example, January 7, 2010 can be entered as simply 1/7 or as 1/7/10.   Ending By Date

This option provides you the ability to search classes by the time of day in which they are held.  



This option allows you to search based on one of our colleges and satellite locations associated with that college.      

You can search for classes taught by a specific instructor by entering his or her last name in this box.  

To begin your search click on "Search, Register and Pay Online" under Registration on the left side of this page.