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Schedule Parts

  1. : Classes marked with a check mark (✓) meet the General Education requirements
  2. : This number and course title help you find your course description in the EICC catalog.
  3. : The number of academic credits earned for successful completion of the course. If you are planning to transfer credits to another college or university, please consult an advisor to ensure the course(s) you select will transfer.
  4. : A "P" after the credit hours indicates that the course demands a prerequired course. We try to identify every course needing a prerequisite, but if there is any question, consult your advisor.
  5. : A list of the prerequisites required for the class.
  6. : The six-digit computer number indicates each section of a course being offered. There is one number for each different time the class is being offered. Multiple class times listed beneath a single computer number means that a particular class will be meeting at all of those times and days.
  7. :
    • The first letter denotes the campus offering the class (C for Clinton, M for Muscatine, S for Scott)
    • The second two letters explaining the method of instruction. Methods of instruction are: LL for lecture/lab; EC for eCollege; EH for hybrid (classroom lecture/online); EP for eCompanion; ER for eCollege Restricted; CO for correspondence; IS for Independent Study; OS for offsite; and HS for high school
    • The number indicates the section
  8. : M = Monday, T = Tuesday, W = Wednesday, R = Thursday, F = Friday, S = Saturday

EICC Full Class Schedule for Winterim 2023 - 2024

Section Name Course Title Credits
ART-186 Digital Photography 3
BIO-151 Nutrition 3
BUS-102 Introduction to Business 3
BUS-106 Employment Strategy 2
BUS-161 Human Relations 3
BUS-167 Leadership and Professionalism I 1
BUS-180 Business Ethics 3
CRJ-100 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CSC-110 Introduction to Computers 3
CSC-116 Information Computing 3
EDU-235 Children's Literature 3
FIN-121 Personal Finance 3
GEO-121 World Regional Geography 3
GLS-100 Contemporary World Issues 3
HIS-117 Western Civilization I: Ancient and Medieval 3
HIS-118 Western Civilization II: Early Modern 3
HIS-151 U.S. History to 1877 3
HIS-152 U.S. History since 1877 3
HSC-105 Introduction to Health Occupations 1
HSC-106 Contemporary Health Issues 3
HSC-113 Medical Terminology 2
HUM-110 Changes and Choices 3
HUM-137 Humanities of the Modern World 3
LIT-101 Introduction to Literature 3
MAT-110 Math for Liberal Arts 3
MGT-101 Principles of Management 3
MKT-110 Principles of Marketing 3
MUS-100 Music Appreciation 3
MUS-204 History of Rock and Roll 3
NET-159 Cisco Packet Tracer 1
NET-679 TCP/IP and Subnetting 1
PEH-109 Personal Wellness 1
PHI-105 Introduction to Ethics 3
POL-111 American National Government 3
PSY-111 Introduction to Psychology 3
PSY-121 Developmental Psychology 3
PSY-222 Child Psychology 3
PSY-241 Abnormal Psychology 3
REL-101 Survey of World Religions 3
SOC-110 Introduction to Sociology 3
SOC-120 Marriage and Family 3
SPC-112 Public Speaking 3

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Contact your advisor

Your academic advisor is an essential part of your college journey, so be sure to contact them regularly to make sure you’re on the right track. Find your advisor’s name by visiting EICConnect and navigating to the Self Service - Student Planning Module - Plan & Schedule - Advising tab.

If you need help connecting to your advisor, contact:

Charlene Nicoletto

Charlene Nicoletto

Advises Nursing/Pre-Nursing, Medical Assisting, I.T., Engineering Technology

Schedule an appointment with Charlene

Charlott Glowacki

Charlott Glowacki

Office 100D
Advises Liberal Arts, Transfer Majors

Schedule an appointment with Charlott

Holly Hansen

Holly Hansen

Advises High School Concurrent: Cal-Wheat and DeWitt Central

Jennifer Austin

Jennifer Austin

Clinton Community College Office 100
Advises Liberal Arts and Transfer Majors

Schedule an appointment with Jennifer

Joe Shovlain

Joe Shovlain

Office 100B
Advises High School Concurrent: Clinton, Career Academies

Schedule an appointment with Joe

Liz Bloom

Liz Bloom

Advises High School Concurrent: Camanche and Northeast

Lorene McLaughlin

Lorene McLaughlin

Advises High School Concurrent: Bellevue and Maquoketa

Mat Endress

Mat Endress

Room 104B
Advises Accounting Management, Administrative Office Professional, Business Professional, Graphic Arts, Liberal Arts, Transfer Majors

Schedule an appointment with Mat

Anabelia Calderon-Flores

Anabelia Calderon-Flores

Advises High School Concurrent: Durant and Muscatine

Daniel Dankert

Daniel Dankert

Student Center 120
Advises Manager of Advising; General Advising

Schedule an appointment with Daniel

Sabrina Shoemaker

Sabrina Shoemaker

Student Services
Advises Allied Health Programs, I.T., High School Equivalency

Schedule an appointment with Sabrina

Theresa Putnam Genz

Theresa Putnam Genz

Advises High School Concurrent: Columbus Junction and Louisa-Muscatine

Amy Martin

Amy Martin

Advises Cancer Information Management, Health Information Management, and General Advising

Schedule an appointment with Amy

Angelique Kimble

Angelique Kimble

Belmont Student Services
Advises ASL, Early Childhood, International Students, General Advising

Schedule an appointment with Angelique

Cheryl Reidenouer

Cheryl Reidenouer

Advises Dental, Rad Tech, Surg Tech, Sonography

Schedule an appointment with Cheryl

Jill Spengler

Jill Spengler

Advises High School Concurrent: Bettendorf and Pleasant Valley

Kasey Allen

Kasey Allen

Blong Technology Center Office 101A
Advises CNC, Engineering Technology, Supply Chain/Logistics, Welding

Schedule an appointment with Kasey

Linda Plummer

Linda Plummer

Advises General Advising

Schedule an appointment with Linda

Molly Gleason

Molly Gleason

Advises High School Concurrent: Assumption, Davenport Central, and Davenport North

Lori Perez

Lori Perez

Advises High School Concurrent: Davenport West and North Scott

Teri Carton

Teri Carton

Advises Culinary Arts and HVAC

Schedule an appointment with Teri

Thea Holmon-Ellis

Thea Holmon-Ellis

Belmont Room 2204 C
Advises General Advising

Schedule an appointment with Thea

Verlee Washington

Verlee Washington

Urban Campus Office 159
Advises I.T. and Medical Assisting

Schedule an appointment with Verlee

Wayne Cole

Wayne Cole

Scott Community College
Advises Auto Tech, Diesel, Liberal Arts, Undecided

Schedule an appointment with Wayne

Zahra Basti

Zahra Basti

Advises General Advising

Schedule an appointment with Zahra

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