Health Information Management

Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Degree


The healthcare industry is growing and needs qualified Health Information Management (HIM) professionals to receive, study, and protect patient records. Our online degree offers quick entry into this specialized field. Graduate prepared to take the national certification exam and step into a job. Fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM). 

What You Learn in Health Information Management

Play a vital role in patient care. Gain skills to ensure health information is complete, accurate, and protected. This data is reported to insurance companies, government and other agencies, the patient, and the provider. It's also used for research and quality monitoring. Understand workflow processes in healthcare organizations, from large hospitals to private practices. 

What Can I Do With a Health Information Management Degree?

Specialize in electronic health record systems and make an extraordinary impact. You can organize and update information in clinical databases, as well as compile and generate reports. Analyze healthcare data for a range of purposes, including research and to evaluate programs and services. Work with classification of diseases and treatments through quality, coding, reimbursement, and legal uses in healthcare. Most importantly, you safeguard the privacy, security, and confidentiality of patient health information. Start with an entry or mid-level position in a physician's office, hospital, or any healthcare organization. 

A Solid Foundation

Medical Bills & Reimbursement

Is it covered?

Medical Bills & Reimbursement

Study the revenue cycle, billing processes, healthcare coverage, and more.

Medico-Legal Ethics

Right versus wrong

Medico-Legal Ethics

Study HIPAA and how to handle potential workplace dilemmas.

Advanced Coding

Billing is everything

Advanced Coding

Use insurance codes to ensure correct reimbursements.

Ready to Apply?

The records HIM professionals manage are critical in providing quality patient care. It's a rewarding job. If you are ready to go, here’s more details:

You must meet the minimum requirements for math with a C- or higher in MAT-053 Pre-Algerbra or minimum math placement score based on college assessment. 

Prior to enrolling in the courses, you should contact the Program Advisor, Amy Martin,, the Program Director, Carrie Jackson,, or Site Coordinator, Amber Hotchkiss,

You must have a recent physical performed by a licensed physician. You are responsible for the cost of a physical exam and updating immunizations. You will need to provide documentation and results of required healthcare tests and immunizations that will be provided to you once you have been accepted into the program. 

You will be required to complete a certified criminal, adult, and child abuse background check and are responsible for the cost. 

The program requires you to participate in two professional practice experiences (PPE) during your time in the HIM program. Both of the PPE’s have an online component consisting of discussion boards, assignments, and quizzes. You will also complete a 96-hour field-based requirement in which you are placed on-site to reinforce skills and competencies learned through real-world application. PPE I is conducted at the end of year one (semester three) and will focus on medical office policies and procedures and medical records. PPE II is conducted at the end of the program (semester five) and will primarily focus on medical billing, coding/reimbursement, and laws and legislation associated with patient information.

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National Certification Exam

Graduate and take the national Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) certification exam. Administered by the American Health Information Management Association, it recognizes your professional skills and abilities. Enjoy a higher starting wage, networking opportunities, and increased marketability.



Your Degree = Success

Complete your education in two years. Qualify for better jobs. Earn a higher salary. Enjoy a better quality of life. The benefits of an associate's degree are impressive and wide-ranging.

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Employment and Wage Outlook


CAHIIM Program Accreditation

CAHIIM Accreditation Logo

The Health Information Management accreditor of Scott Community College is the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education. The College’s accreditation for Associate Degree in Health Information Management has been reaffirmed through 2029-2030. All inquiries about the program’s accreditation status should be directed by mail to CAHIIM, 200 East Randolph Street, Suite 5100, Chicago, IL 60601; by phone at (312) 235-3255; or by email at

Program Outcomes for Health Information Management

Rate/Year 2018 2019 2020
Enrollment Head Count 68 75 69
Graduation Rate* 53.95% 40.26% 49.33%
Employment Rate 80% 83.33% 62.5%
Certification Exam Pass Rate 100% 83.33% 83.33%
National Exam Pass Rate 63% 76% 73%

*Graduation rates are difficult to determine for this program, due to high volume of part-time students enrolled.

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