Programming Academy

Begin Your Career in Programming Now

Begin working toward a college certificate in Programming while you are still in high school, for free! Build fundamental skills in developing and maintaining computer programs and systems, and learn to write code. After high school, you can complete your certificate and continue your studies at EICC. Available at Clinton Community College.

Start your Programming Certificate

During high school

  • CIS:121 Introduction to Programming Logic, 3 credits
  • CIS:210 Web Development I, 3 credits

  • CIS:189 Python, 3 credits
  • NET:303 Windows Workstation Operating Systems, 3 credits

Finish your certificate after high school

  • BUS:167 Leadership and Professionalism, 1 credit
  • MAT:110 Math for Liberal Arts OR MAT:156 Statistics, 3 credits

Award: IT/Programming Certificate (16 Credits) 

Your Career in Networking and Cyber Security

Computer programming skills are needed in every industry. Here's a sampling:

  • Multimedia or Software Developer
    Design software using a variety of coding languages. Create multimedia applications by generating and manipulating animations, graphic images, text, sound, and video.
  • Data Analyst
    Develop insight and gain information through the collection, analysis and interpretation of data. They work for businesses and other types of organizations, identifying and helping to solve problems.
  • Cyber Security
    Protect the security of computer systems and networks.
  • Computer Scientist
    Write new software to complete tasks in a quick and efficient period as well as develop new functions that can be of use for employees or clients.
  • Computer Programming
    Write the code needed for programs to function. Programmers also test software and update existing software.


  • Web Development
    Designs the appearance, navigation and content organization of a website using coding languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript to manage graphics, applications and content.
  • Technical Support
    Give essential technical support and troubleshooting services to end-users.
  • Mobile App Developer
    Design and code software for mobile devices like cell phones and tablets. Test and perform quality checks on applications before they are published.
  • Information Security Analyst
    Responsible for planning and carrying out specific measures of security, designed to protect an organization’s systems and networks.
  • IT Manager
    Responsible for the electronic networks and IT teams of organizations. IT managers ensure all information system requirements are fulfilled.
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