Advanced Manufacturing Academy

Begin Your Manufacturing Career Now

Join the Advanced Manufacturing Career Academy and earn a Basic Electricity Certificate while you are still in high school. It’s free through EICC. And, the skills you learn are valued by manufacturers throughout our region and can lead to an entry-level position. After high school, keep going. Build on your certificate and earn an Engineering Technology diploma or AAS degree in less than two years. This is a great way to advance your skills and your career. 

Earn your Basic Electricity Certificate

During high school

  • ELE-101 Industrial Safety, 1 credit
  • ELE-216 DC Circuit Analysis, 3 credits
  • MAT-705 Industrial Math and Measurement I, 2 credits


  • ELE-217 AC Circuit Analysis, 3 credits
  • IND-134 Industrial Print Reading, 2 credits
  • MAT-706 Industrial Math and Measurement II, 2 credits

Award: Basic Electricity Certificate (13 credits)

Finish your degree after high school at Muscatine Community College

  • CSC:112 Computer Fundamentals for Technicians I/A, 2 credits
  • CSC:113 Computer Fundamentals for Technicians I/B, 2 credits
  • ELE:225 Electrical Motor Control & Power Distribution, 3 credits
  • ELT:309 Digital Circuits & Systems, 3 credits
  • ELT:312 Solid State Devices & Systems, 3 credits
  • PHY:185 Conceptual Physics Fundamentals I, 2 credits

Award: Basic Electronics Certificate (27 credits)

  • EGT:117 Fluid Power Fundamentals, 2 credits
  • ELT:123 Programmable Logic Controllers, 3 credits
  • ENG:107 Composition I: Technical Writing, 3 credits
  • PHY:186 Conceptual Physics Fundamentals I, 2 credits
  • Pick one (3 credits)
    • ECN:120
    • ECN:130
    • HUM:105
    • HUM:110
    • POL:111
    • PSY:111
    • SOC:110

Award: Engineering Technology Electromechanical Diploma (35 credits)

  • ELT:125 Advanced PLC, 3 credits
  • IND:143 Motors and Drives, 3 credits
  • MFG:505 Lean Manufacturing, 1 credit

Select A Track

Term 6 - Fall, AUTOMATION, credit varies
  • ATR:105 Industrial Robotics, 3 credits
  • ATR:106 Motion Control, 3 credits
  • ELT:177 Microcontrollers, 3 credits
  • Pick two 
    • CHM:122 Intro to Gen Chem
    • EGT:145 Fluid Power Maintenance
    • EGT:137 Fluid Power Control
    • IND:136 Process Control I
    • IND:137 Process Control II
OR Term 5 - Fall, ELECTROMECHANICAL, credit varies
  • ATR:106 Motion Control, 3 credits
  • EGT:145 Fluid Power Maintenance, 4 credits
  • EGT:137 Fluid Power Control, 4 credits
  • Pick two
    • ATR:105 Industrial Robotics
    • CHM:122 Intro to Gen Chem
    • ELT:177 Microcontrollers
    • IND:136 Process Control I
    • IND:137 Process Control II
OR Term 5 - Fall, PROCESS CONTROL, credit varies
  • CHM:122 Introduction to General Chemistry, 4 credits
  • IND:136 Process Control I, 3 credits
  • IND:137 Process Control II, 3 credits
  • Pick two 
    • ATR:105 Industrial Robotics
    • ATR:106 Motion Control
    • EGT:137 Fluid Power Control
    • EGT:145 Fluid Power Maintenance
    • ELT:177 Microcontrollers

Award: Engineering Technology Associate in Applied Science Degree (62 - 64 credits)

Your Career in Manufacturing

Choose from a wide variety of career paths in manufacturing, ranging from production to design. One may be perfect for you. Check them out!  

  • Additive Manufacturing
    Assist engineers in design and development by preparing detailed drawings using your new skills in computerized-aided design (CAD). 
  • Renewable Energy
    Complete electrical wiring, mechanical installation, site analysis and troubleshooting for the electrical production industry, biofuels industry, solar energy systems, and wind.
  • Welding
    New skills in a range of industrial welding techniques – ARC, MIG, TIG, core wire, gas – qualify you for welding jobs everywhere.


Clinton Career Advancement Center Welding Lab

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Your Degree = Success

Complete your education in two years. Qualify for better jobs. Earn a higher salary. Enjoy a better quality of life. The benefits of an associate's degree are impressive and wide-ranging.

Explore the value of an associate’s degree

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Advanced Manufacturing Academy Locations

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