Placement Testing

Start Here & Go Far

We don’t want you taking classes you don’t need to take. Nor do we want you to struggle through a subject. You will be more successful if you are placed in the right class, right from the start. Our placement process is a helpful tool, and it is required, too.

Placement Requirements

English & Reading Placement

You may not need to quote Dickinson or Faulkner every day in your workplace, but strong English and reading skills are a necessity in today’s workplace. To be placed in the right classes, submit your high school transcripts or scores from the ACT, SAT, or HiSET. 

Math Placement

Math skills make your life easier, especially if your phone is dead and you’re wanting to calculate your class average. We’ll place you in the right classes using your scores from the ACT (math score, 22 or higher) or SAT (math score, 500 or higher). Alternatively, you can complete ALEKS through EICC. 

ALEKS for Math Placement 

We want you to learn, not waste time or money in classes that are too difficult or too easy. We use the ALEKS Placement, Preparation, and Learning (PPL) artificial intelligence tool to place you in the right math classes. 

This web-based assessment includes three parts: an optional practice test, a Prep and Learning Module, and the proctored assessment. Finish the practice test, review your work, brush up on any areas you need to, and you're ready to take the proctored test. Then meet with your advisor to discuss your next steps. 

Prepare for the ALEKS Assessment

To schedule the ALEKS PPL test, contact: 

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