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Scott Community College Foundation LogoOur mission is to support student scholarships and our college community.

Established in 1985 as a nonprofit organization, Scott Community College (SCC) Foundation is independent from Scott Community College and is governed by a volunteer board.

The college has designated the Foundation as the preferred channel for donations, annual giving programs, planned gifts, and other special purpose campaigns.

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Through the generosity of Foundation board members, faculty and staff, area businesses and organizations, and many other friends, we're able to award scholarships, outfit classrooms and labs with new instructional equipment, and launch special projects.

In 2023, as a result of the generosity of our donors, we were able to assist our students by awarding approximately $183,672 in scholarships to 155 students. We raised over $25,000 in scholarship and college programming support at our annual BASH fundraiser, and we were also able to provide $22,903 in Student Assistance funds to 37 students to ensure they complete their courses.

All students are encouraged to apply for SCC Foundation Scholarships, learn more by contacting the foundation directly at 563-441-4063  or by emailing Application deadlines are March 1 and Nov. 1.

Health sciences student working with instructor and IV equiptment in SCC lab

Supporting a Healthier Tomorrow

Help grow Scott Community College's Health Sciences program for 'A Healthier Tomorrow'. We can’t do it alone - providing a remarkable education and robust services for our students and our community requires assistance. Through your gift, the SCC Foundation can support the aspirations of students and the growth of our community.


Each student has a unique story, set of strengths, and challenges. And they come to us from different points in their education and careers. They may be juggling work and caring for a child. They may be pursing a first or second career. They may enroll with a clear professional goal or come to us to discover their passion through education. What they do share is a desire to learn, master new skills, and contribute more to their families, employers, and communities.

SCC educates and trains people of all ages to fill workforce needs - which is tied to strengthening economic development in our region. By supporting SCC students, you support our communities and create ongoing opportunities for all. 

Through your gift, the Foundation can advance the goals of our students and the growth of our community. 

Megan Linzy
"Thanks to Eastern Iowa Community Colleges for the first time in my life I am proud of myself."
Megan Linzy, Alumna, SCC Foundation Scholarship Recipient


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The Scott Community College Foundation awards more than 100 scholarships each year. 

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2024 Student Showcase

SCC Student Showcase

The Student Showcase is an annual event is where we honor outstanding students for the academic year. We recognize students for academic achievements, athletic achievements, club participation, honors projects, and more.



Foundation Awards

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Scott Community College and the SCC Foundation annually recognize excellence with several awards.

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Ways to Give

Education opens up worlds of opportunity for students, yet many people face challenges in pursuing an education. Helping those students obtain a college education is an investment that stays in our community.

SCC is a school of choice and our ever-growing wave of new students presents great opportunity and great challenges. Among the most pressing is financial need. When you make a gift to the Foundation, your support makes a real, lasting impact in the lives of students.

Through the generosity of donors, students who never thought they could afford a college education are sitting in our classrooms. They are hands-on, learning on the same equipment they will use in their careers. They are filling high-demand jobs in healthcare, manufacturing, IT, and more. They are establishing careers and roots in our region, and enjoy a great life. Help us give more students the same opportunities. Donate now.


Cash or check

You can deduct a cash gift for income tax purposes in the year in which you contribute it. Cash gifts can be made in the form of a check or cash.

Please mail your gift to:

SCC Foundation

500 Belmont Rd.

Bettendorf, Iowa 52722

Credit Card

Donate Online to provide a gift by credit card.

As a donor, you may be able to double or triple the impact of your gift if your employer offers a matching gift program. In most cases, all you need to do is complete a form available through your employer (usually the Human Resources or Payroll department). Some companies even match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.

Make a gift through Birdies for Charity. Donations are accepted for a limited time in the late spring through mid-July. Every cent of your gift is directed back to our Foundation along with a 5% -10% match. Visit the Birdies for Charity website here to donate. SCC Foundation's Birdies number is 967.

In-kind gifts are personal property such as vehicles, equipment, or furnishings. We welcome in-kind gifts and services that will benefit the school. The donor determines the gift value through an appraisal, record of purchase, or billing statement. Gifts should adhere to the gift acceptance policy and guidelines.

SCC strives to meet the workforce needs of our community and provide students the best education using real-life teaching tools. In-kind donation can help us provide those tools, such as skeleton models, laboratory equipment, computers, dental equipment, nursing equipment, audio visual equipment, automobiles, and even props and costumes for the theatre department.

In-Kind Gifts Procedure 

Scott Community College designated the SCC Foundation to serve in its behalf as agent to accept or decline all gifts, grants, and bequests involving money, equipment, or furnishings. The Foundation director serves as the advising agent for all gifts and donations. 

When an individual or organization wants to make an in-kind donation, the Foundation director is notified and if necessary, works with college staff to determine appropriateness of the donation.

Neither the college nor the Foundation shall appraise a gift. Appraisals and values placed on contributions for tax purposes is the donor's responsibility. To be deductible, the in-kind donation must be made to Foundation with full control and discretion over the disposition or use. The donor can deduct contributions only if they itemize their deductions on a Schedule A of Form 1040. 

Prior to the receipt of any in-kind gift, the Foundation director will provide the donor with a Gift In Kind Form or a SCCF Gift In Kind Motor Vehicle Donation Form, and obatin all necessary documentation and signatures. The agent will sign as the person requesting the contribution and submit all paperwork to the Foundation for approval. Gifts should not be accepted until the Foundation director has given approval. 

Gift In Kind Form

Gift In Kind Motor Vehicle Donation Form 

Noncash Charitable Contribution Form 8283 

Vehicle Donation FAQ

What paperwork do I need to donate my vehicle in Iowa?

We need the title to the vehicle. If you do not have title papers you can apply for a replacement title before donating your vehicle. Please visit the Iowa MVD website to obtain the necessary forms before donating: Iowa Motor Vehicle Division.

Where do I sign the title before donating my car in Iowa?

To properly transfer a title, the donor(s) must sign the release on the title and complete the assignment to the new owner. If there is an "AND" conjunction on the face of the title, ALL owners must release the title.  With an "OR" conjunction, only one of the owners is required to release the title. 

What do I do with the license plates when I donate a car in Iowa?

Remove the license plates from the vehicle being donated and:

     a.) Put them on your new vehicle within 30 days.
     b.) Return them to your local county treasurer's office.

Value of Your Donation

These sites can help you determine the value of your vehicle:

  • Kelly Blue Book : Find the official Kelly Blue Book value for your car, SUV, van or truck.
  • NADA Appraisal Guides : See used vehicle pricing and information for automobiles, classic cars, motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles, aircraft, and manufactured housing.
  • Edmunds : Edmunds provides pricing for new and used vehicles based on your zip code.
  • Edmunds Cars:  Edmunds Cars buy new and used cars online. Research car prices, reviews, and more.
  • AutoTrader : provides listings for thousands of used cars, including location, pricing, and classifieds ads.


Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are excellent ways to give. Stock that has been held for 12 months then given to the Foundation can be sold on the donor's behalf with no capital gains tax. The full amount can be deducted as if the gift had been cash.


Through a provision in a donor's will, the Foundation receives cash and/or other assets at the time of the donor's death. Distributions can be made as a specific dollar amount or percentage of the estate.

Life Insurance

You can designate the Foundation as a beneficiary and/or the owner of a policy. Contact your financial advisor for advice on the transfer of your gift.

You can donate a fixed sum of money, specify certain property, or give a percentage of your estate. You can make a gift to the Foundation in your will or as the beneficiary of new or existing life insurance policies, retirement plans, CDs and/or annuities. Eastern Iowa Community Colleges employees may list Scott Community College Foundation as a beneficiary in part or full through your IPERS or TIA-CREFF programs. Use this simple form:

TIAA-CREF Beneficiaries Form 

IPERS Beneficiaries Form  

Determine the best fit for you. LEAVE A LEGACY™ Iowa is a one-stop resource for planned giving. 

The number of SCC students who receive financial aid continues to increase. Scholarships are vitally important in helping them achieve their dreams. Philanthropic individuals, companies, and service organizations have established scholarships to benefit our students. You can, too. 

First, select the type of scholarship you want to establish:

  • Endowed Scholarships honor the memory or celebrates the life of an individual or a corporation. You can create an endowment with a donation of $10,000 or more, which allows the gift to live in perpetuity. The funds are invested by the Foundation and only a portion of the income (generally 4% - 5%) is used each year to provide scholarships.
  • Create an Annual Scholarship with a yearly donation of $500 or more. The scholarship funds are awarded in full in the fall, the same year they were donated. 
  • A combined Annual/Endowed Scholarship allows your gift to benefit students immediately while also building a lasting endowment over a period of years.
  • The SCCF Board Scholarship is a general scholarship fund. Gifts of any amount can be designated to this fund. 

Then, you work directly with the Foundation director to establish any criteria for your scholarship and parameters for how it will be awarded. Complete some paperwork and you are done. Your scholarship is established.

Students will be encouraged to apply and all applications will be reviewed, rated, and the recipients selected by a Scholarship Review Committee.

You'll get a thank you letter from the students(s) and an opportunity meet them in person at the annual awards banquet. 

Philanthropy is based on voluntary action for the common good. It is a tradition of giving and sharing that is primary to the quality of life. To assure that philanthropy merits the respect and trust of the general public, and that donors and prospective donors can have full confidence in the not-for-profit causes they are asked to support, we declare that all donors have these rights:

  • To be informed of the organization's mission, of the way the organization intends to use donated resources, and of its capacity to use donations effectively for their intended purposes.
  • To be informed of the identity of those serving on the organization's governing board, and to expect the board to exercise prudent judgment in its stewardship responsibilities.
  • To have access to the organization's most recent financial statements.
  • To be assured their gifts will be used for the purposes for which they were given.
  • To receive appropriate acknowledgment and recognition.
  • To be assured that information about their donation is handled with respect and with confidentiality to the extent provided by law.
  • To expect that all relationships with individuals representing organizations of interest to the donor will be professional in nature.
  • To be informed whether those seeking donations are volunteers, employees of the organization or hired solicitors.
  • To have the opportunity for their names to be deleted from mailing lists that an organization may intend to share.
  • To feel free to ask questions when making a donation and to receive prompt, truthful and forthright answers.

The text of this statement in its entirety was developed by the American Association of Fund-Raising Counsel (AAFRC), Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP), Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), and the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), and adopted in November 1993.

Employee & Retiree Annual Giving Campaign

Each year, EICC employees step up and show their support of students during the Annual Employee Campaign. We thank each and every generous donor. Your gift sends a meaningful message to those we serve and to potential donors. Many individuals, corporations, and foundations consider the level of internal support as a factor in their gift decisions.

Join the Employee Annual Giving Campaign. Complete your pledge form and return it to the Foundation.

The Foundation has several funds that support different areas of the college. Direct your contribution to any of the following:

  • Community Outreach
    Enrich the college’s community relationships through on-campus activities.
  • Educational Programs
    Enhance and supplement college programs.
  • Equipment & Facilities
    Address physical plant, technology, and equipment needs.
  • Library & Learning Resources
    Enhance the Library and other learning resources.
  • Professional Development
    Support faculty and staff professional development. 
  • Student Advancement
    Provide assistance to enrolled students for various related expenses including emergency needs, club dues, testing fees, transportation, and/or technology needs. 

The Foundation manages more than 90 individual scholarships. View each and the criteria on our scholarship website here. You can direct your gift to a specific scholarship(s). Add the name of the scholarship(s) on the back of the form.

  • When is the deadline to contribute?
    Contribute at any time. 

  • When will my payroll deduction begin and end?
    The pay period following receipt of your paperwork, except during the Annual Employee Campaign. Any pledge you make during the campaign will be deducted from 24 paychecks, beginning the first pay period in May. Your payroll deduction automatically renews unless you update your commitment form on file to reflect a change. 

  • Is my contribution tax deductible?
    The Foundation will send you a contribution report for your taxes.

  • What portion of my gift will go directly to the area I designate?
    All of it!

  • Is there a suggested level of giving?
    Whatever you can give will be gratefully received and deeply appreciated.

  • How will I be recognized?
    Employee gifts are highlighted at the year-end celebration and on signage posted outside the Foundation office.


Questions? Contact the Foundation by phone at 563-441-4063 or by email at

SCC Foundation Board of Directors

Our volunteer board is a dedicated group of professionals who freely give their time and expertise, and take pride in the work and success of SCC students and faculty.

  • Michele Dane
  • Angelique Kimble

  • Amy Arango
  • Mary Bakeris-Gullion
  • Eric Barta (Past President)
  • Wendy Batdorf
  • Emily Blaylock
  • Keith Bonjour
  • Megan Edens
  • Robert Gallagher
  • Sheila Harris
  • Lisa Herrig
  • Susan Hess
  • Olivia Kulick
  • Alecia Krzyaniak
  • Ann Lawler
  • Chris Lewis

Scott Community College Foundation Office
500 Belmont Road
Bettendorf, IA 52722

Lysa Hegland

Lysa Hegland, Director of the Foundation


Bradley Thiessen-Cooper

Bradley Thiessen-Cooper, Executive Assistant of Resource Development

  • Aymman (Amy) Ahmed
  • Ray Allen
  • John Arnold
  • Dale Barber
  • Brittany Beard
  • Phyllis Bleymeyer
  • Robert Bousselot
  • Tony Calabrese
  • Jason Clay
  • Duncan Cameron
  • Pat Cawiezell
  • Lyn Cochran
  • Kathryn Collett
  • Kathleen Cunningham
  • Connie Curlott
  • Carol Dwyer
  • Marc Engels
  • Lori Freemire
  • Louis Gasperut
  • Kay Galligan
  • Tim Gimbel
  • Javier Gonzalez
  • Jerry Harbaugh
  • Darryl Harmon
  • Percy J. Hier
  • Jeffrey Hill
  • Henry B. Hook
  • Rich Horst
  • Elston Howard
  • Jeff Hyland
  • Kathleen Kelly
  • Frank Klipsch IV
  • Gabe Knight
  • Stacy Litchfield
  • Rich Litt
  • Tony Llano
  • Greg Lundgren
  • Stephen Maynard
  • Rob McMonagle
  • Dave Meier
  • Heather Meissen
  • Linda Miller
  • Frank Mitvalsky
  • Rita Nafziger
  • Scott Nauman
  • Isaac Newman
  • Jerry Newton
  • Barb Nichol
  • Bill Northup
  • Teresa Paper
  • Kenneth Pelletier
  • Beau Perkins
  • Teresa Perkins
  • Amanda Peterlin
  • Seth Porter
  • Paul Rafferty*
  • Chris Rayburn
  • Bradley (Brad) Scott
  • Laura Scott
  • Bryan Sievers
  • Linda Silver
  • Joe B. Slavens
  • Josselyn Smith
  • Roby Smith
  • Mark Snyder
  • Pam Snyder
  • Tina Solheim
  • John Stavnes
  • Mary Stewart
  • Stephen Suiter
  • George Thuenen
  • Scott VanVooren
  • Kay Wagner
  • Jason Wentland
  • Rand Westlund
  • Meredith Wright
  • Anita Wubbena