Professional Licensure Information

Professional designations such as "licensed," "registered," and "certified" are a type of formal acknowledgment of competence in a given occupation or profession and may or may not be required for employment in a given field. These designations are typically conveyed to a person by a regulatory body or professional association, and individuals must complete various requirements to become eligible to receive and maintain the designation. Eligibility for professional designations varies by occupation and location, and often involves more than successful degree completion (such as submitting an application, passing an examination, paying an entrance/application fee, or providing evidence of work experience). Some professional designations do not require degree completion to obtain. 

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Professional Licensure Programs


Educator Preparation Programs

EICC's transfer majors in Early Childhood Teacher Licensure, Elementary Education, and Secondary Education are intended to prepare students to transfer into teacher licensure baccalaureate programs at partnering institutions. The EICC transfer major does not lead to licensure or certification at the associate degree level.