EICC Board of Trustees

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges is governed by a publicly elected Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees includes nine members, each one elected by the voters of the Director District in which he or she resides. Trustees are elected for four-year-terms or to complete the unexpired term of a regularly elected member.

Debbie Tappendorf
District I
Term Expires 2025

Tyla Sherwin-Cole
District II
Term Expires 2025
EICC Trustee, Dr. Joe D'Souza
Dr. Joe D'Souza
District III
Term Expires 2023
EICC Trustee, Robert H. Gallagher *
Robert H. Gallagher *
District IV
Term Expires 2023
EICC Trustee, Bill Vetter
Bill Vetter
District V
Term Expires 2023

Jenny Boysen
District VI
Term Expires 2025
EICC Trustee, Kendra Beck
Kendra Beck
District VII
Term Expires 2023

Yuli Diaz
District VIII
Term Expires 2025
EICC Trustee, Michelle Garvin
Michelle Garvin
District IX
Term Expires 2023

* Board Chair