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Important Dates for Financial Aid

General Dates

October 1 - Students can begin to file FAFSA

To be assured that you are able to meet the tuition payment deadline and to be able to charge books, EICC has also established the following priority financial aid processing deadlines. To meet these deadlines, you should file your FAFSA and submit all required paperwork to the financial aid office on or before the deadlines below:

  • July 15  (fall semester)

  • December 1 (spring semester)

  • May 1 (summer semester)

Tuition due dates are available on the Academic Calendar. If your financial aid eligibility has not been determined by the tuition due date, you will need to pay in full or sign up for the college's payment plan.

If the financial aid for which you qualify exceeds the amount of your tuition and fees, the bookstore will then be notified that you can charge books. The earliest books may be charged against financial aid is two weeks prior to the start of each semester. Any bookstore charges over and above your available financial aid eligibility are your responsibility.

For more Financial Aid Important Dates, please log-in to EICConnect and go to Financial Aid.

Spring 2017



Last Day to Charge Books - Spring 2017


Spring 2017 Tuition Due Date


Spring 2017 Census (lock) Date


Spring 2017 - Pell and Returning Loan Borrower Disbursements Begin


Spring 2017 - First-Time Borrower Loan Disbursements Begin


Spring Only 2nd Disbursement


First Day to Charge Books - Summer 2017


Last Day to Charge Books - Summer 2017


Summer 2017 Tuition Due Date


Summer 2017 Census (lock) Date


Summer 2017 - Pell and Returning Loan Borrower Disbursements Begin


Summer Only Loan Disbursements Being for Non First-Time Borrowers


Summer 2017 - First-Time Borrower Loan Disbursements Begin


Summer Only Loan Disbursements Being for First-Time Borrowers