BankMobile Disbursements

BankMobile Disbursements LogoEastern Iowa Community Colleges has partnered with BankMobile Disbursements, a financial services company focused solely on higher education, to offer more options on delivering financial aid & other refunds to students.

BankMobile will soon be mailing registration information to the home address you have on file at the college. So, it's important that address is current. If for any reason you think it might not be, let us know so we can make sure it is correct. 

Student Refund Options:

Students will have 3 choices when it comes to disbursement delivery!

  • Electronic Deposit to a Personal Checking or Savings Account - Takes 1-3 business days to receive your student refund once EICC releases funds to BankMobile.

  • Electronic Deposit to a BankMobile Vibe Checking Account - Your student refund is deposited into your account the same day EICC releases funds to BankMobile.

  • Paper Check Delivered By USPS – Takes 5-7 business days to receive your student refund once EICC releases funds to BankMobile.

Click here for more information about your choices and how it works.

What Students need to do: 3 Simple Steps

  1. Update your mailing address

    BankMobile will mail a Refund Selection Kit to your current address on file with Eastern Iowa Community Colleges. To review and update your address you can use one of the below methods.

    1. Log into your EICConnect account and look for “E-Bridge” on the bottom left side of the screen, then click on “Students”, then click on “Address and Notification Changes”.

    2. Stop by your campus Student Services.

  2. Look for the Bright Green Envelope
    Look for the bright green envelop, image of a bright green envelop

    Look for a bright green envelope that contains your Refund Selection Kit in the mail from BankMobile Disbursements. This kit contains instructions in selecting your refund preference and is sent to the address that you have on file with Eastern Iowa Community Colleges.

  3. Go

    You will receive a personal code with your kit which you will enter here and then you will be able to select how you would like to receive your refund. All Students must select a refund preference. If you do not expect to receive a student refund you will still need to select a preference in case your status would change and you would be receiving a student refund in the future.

    Click here to enter your personal code and see how it works.

Click here for FAQ about this service.

More Questions? Contact our Business Offices at our Campuses.

  • SCC Campus 563-441-4123
  • CCC Campus 563-244-7123
  • MCC Campus 563-288-6123

Click here to view our institutions contract with BankMobile