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New Student Checklist

Steps to Enroll infographic, text below http://www.eicc.edu/welcomeback Textbooks Tuition EICConnect Housing Bridge Score Transcripts Financial Aid Apply http://www.eicc.edu/newstudent


How to Become a Student Check List (download PDF version)

  1. Fill Out the Application

    You can apply online or complete the paper application. The college application only takes minutes to complete. There is no application fee.


  2. Complete Financial Aid Paperwork and Apply for Scholarships

    Federal Financial Aid Paperwork takes four to six weeks to complete. Begin this process early. The FAFSA is available for the next school year starting in January. Our financial aid staff can assist you in completing the FAFSA.

    The following dates are Clinton, Muscatine and Scott Community College’s priority financial aid processing deadlines to meet the tuition due date and be able to charge books in the bookstore:

    Fall Semester July 15
    Spring Semester December 1
    Summer Semester May 1

    To meet these deadlines, file your FAFSA as soon as possible and submit all paperwork required by the financial aid office. Visit www.eicc.edu/finaid for more information.

    Clinton, Muscatine and Scott Community Colleges offer numerous scholarship opportunities.

    • Scholarships deadline for Fall is March 1 for all three colleges. Clinton and Scott also award Spring term scholarships.
    • Deadline for the spring scholarships is November 1


  3. Send Your Transcripts

    High School or GED Transcripts

    Submit your high school or GED Transcripts showing you have completed your high school diploma or GED. We may use your high school or GED transcript to qualify you for financial aid, for admissions into specific academic programs or for course placement using your ACT scores.

    College Transcripts

    If you are planning on transferring in credits from another college or university, please have your official college transcripts sent directly to the Registrar's Office. Hand carried transcripts will not be used to award college credit. You will need to complete the Request for Transcript Evaluation Form to have your credits evaluated for use in your degree. (We encourage you to bring copies of your unofficial transcripts with you to your first advising appointment as we may use them as guidelines for Advising and placement.)

    Use of Unofficial Transcripts

    We encourage you to bring copies of your unofficial transcripts with you to your first advising appointment as we may use them as guidelines for Advising and placement.


  4. Assess for Success

    Students will need to complete an assessment for initial course placement. You can select from one of the following options to meet that requirement:

    COMPASS Assessment Test is available at all three campuses, many of our satellite locations and some area high schools. Compass scores will be valid for placement for three years. Contact our testing centers for an appointment:

    CCC     563-244-7090
    MCC 563-288-6056
    SCC 563-441-4088

    Or ACT
    ACT Scores from an ACT test taken within the past three years.

    Or Exemption for Earned College Credits
    Have earned an associates degree or higher level degree earned from an accredited college.

    12 Credit Hours - Completed 12 or more college level credit hours including math and English and have a 2.0 GPA from an accredited college.

    Other Exemptions
    Exemptions may be made for students enrolling as a part time student in courses other than math and English.


  5. Attend New Student “Bridge” Experience - Connecting New Students to College Success

    All new students are required to attend “Bridge”. Students will be provided an orientation to the colleges, meet with an advisor, start an academic degree plan and register for first term classes.

    Sessions are offered at a variety of times. Visit www.eicc.edu/bridge or call the campus nearest you to register for your “Bridge” experience.


    CCC 563-244-7004 jlgreen@eicc.edu
    MCC 563-288-6001 MuscatineCCAdmissions@eicc.edu
    SCC     563-441-4000     sccorientation@eicc.edu
    Toll Free 1-888-336-3907


  6. Student Living Options

    Muscatine Community College has Student Apartments available.


    563-288-6007 or 563-549-0203


  7. Pay for your classes

    Tuition and fees are due a few weeks prior to the start of the term. You will be notified of the Tuition Due Date. You will need to have engaged in the financial aid process, be signed up for the payment plan or pay for your classes by the tuition due date. There are many options to pay for your classes. Visit with our business office to discuss payment arrangements.


  8. Log Into EICConnect

    The student portal, EICConnect, is an important resource for students. You can access your student schedule, bill, and financial aid information. In addition, your student email account is available through EICConnect. Information on advising, class syllabuses, activities and access to your online courses can also be found in the portal. You will learn about EICConnect during orientation, but is important that you log in and utilize this resource on a regular basis.


  9. Textbooks and Other Class Materials

    A few weeks prior to classes beginning, you can stop by our college bookstores to buy your textbooks and other required materials for your college courses. Students receiving financial aid may be able to charge their textbooks to their financial aid package. Contact the college bookstores for information about textbooks.

    CCC 563-244-7111
    MCC 563-288-6110
    SCC 563-441-4111
    KEC 563-323-2665


  10. College Welcome Event

    Our campuses will have a college welcome event prior to the start of the semester. Students and their families are encouraged to join the college for a fun event to start the semester. You will have an opportunity to learn about clubs and organizations, find your classroom, buy your books, and connect with staff and faculty. Mostly, it is our opportunity to welcome you and your family to our college community.

    For assistance, contact the college nearest you:

    Clinton Community College
    1000 Lincoln Boulevard
    Clinton, IA 52732
    563- 244-7000

    Muscatine Community College
    152 Colorado Street
    Muscatine, IA 52761
    563- 288-6000

    Scott Community College
    500 Belmont Road
    Bettendorf, IA 52722
    563- 441-4000

    Toll Free - 1-888-336-3907