Student enrolled in healthcare programs for Fall 2021 are receiving the following notification.

August 12, 2021

Health Program Students:

As a health program student at Eastern Iowa Community Colleges (EICC), the clinical portion of your program plays a critical role in ensuring you are prepared for your chosen career. EICC works closely with numerous healthcare facilities to provide clinical opportunities for our students each year. The affiliation agreements we sign with these partners outline requirements for the facilities, EICC and our students, including health and immunization requirements in order to interact with the facilities’ patients.

Several of our partner facilities have informed us that employees and students will be required to have the COVID-19 vaccination in order to work in their facilities. As an EICC student in the (Program Name) program, you will be required to submit to a physical examination and provide proof of immunization prior to placement at these clinical/health care facilities. Refusal of and/or failure to provide proof of immunizations may make you ineligible for placement at one or more of the clinical health care partner facilities where EICC students complete their clinical educational requirements. EICC will work with you and our partner facilities to determine if a reasonable accommodation can be made, however accommodations and/or alternative placement cannot be guaranteed.

As a health care student and future health care provider, you are aware of the health risks associated with failure to maintain current vaccines, and you understand that vaccination requirements imposed by health care facilities are intended to protect both patients and care providers, including you as a clinical student. 

EICC is committed to providing a safe learning environment for our students, as well as contributing to the safety of the communities we serve.  We have succeeded in these efforts for the past year by working together, following protocols and caring for ourselves and those around us. With the rapid increase of the Delta variant, we urge all students and employees to get vaccinated and continue to follow EICC’s protocols. Visit to learn about vaccine availability near you. The vaccine is free and usually available without an appointment.

Please know that our goal at EICC and within the health programs is to keep you safe so you can continue your educational journey and enjoy the success associated with completion of your educational goals.

Dawn Boettcher, Associate Dean of Health Programs
Eastern Iowa Community Colleges

FAQs Regarding Healthcare Facilities Requiring Vaccines for Clinical Students