FAQs Regarding Healthcare Facilities Requiring Vaccines for Clinical Students

Are all healthcare facilities requiring the COVID vaccine?  

  • At this time, not all facilities are requiring it; however, the list of those that are is changing on a daily basis.  The two largest regional providers of our clinical experiences are requiring vaccines.  

If I am unable or unwilling to get the COVID vaccine, what accommodations will be made for me to complete my clinical coursework?

  • The list of facilities requiring vaccines is changing rapidly.  If we have facilities that are not requiring vaccines, we will work with students to match you to an appropriate facility.  The facility must be able to provide the level of experience needed for the course.  As some components of your training require specific experiences, availability of facilities can be limited. We cannot guarantee we will have any available sites or available opportunities within a facility that is not requiring the vaccine; therefore, we cannot guarantee we can place an unvaccinated student into a clinical setting that will fulfill your course/program requirements.  


Are there exceptions/exemptions for getting the vaccine?

  • Several of the facilities may offer exceptions/exemptions. Exceptions/exemptions are typically based on religion, medical conditions, allergies, and potentially pregnancy (similar to the flu vaccine).

  • The healthcare facilities determine exceptions/exemptions, not the college. Students may have the opportunity to ask for an exception/exemption, however we are awaiting all the details on this process from those facilities that are requiring the vaccine.


Do I have to get the vaccine?

  • If you have any on-site clinical experiences in your program and that healthcare facility requires the vaccine, in order to participate in that clinical experience at that facility you would either need to be vaccinated or file for an exception/exemption if the facility has that option in place. It would be up to that facility to grant the exception/exemption or not, as they do with the flu vaccine each year. (See also accommodations).


Will I be asked to provide proof of vaccination? 

  • At this time we are not collecting proof of vaccination, however if the healthcare facility where you have clinical experiences requires the vaccine, we may need to collect proof at that time.


Is there are deadline to have the vaccine?

  • Deadlines are set by the healthcare facility.  Many are following the same deadline as the flu vaccine. We will work to get you the information as we receive it.