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Eastern Iowa Community Colleges will be launching a new bookstore model this fall, one we are extremely excited to unveil in the coming months!

Summer 2024 – Online Bookstore

Starting April 22, you can visit and login with your EICC account. You’ll see a page listing the classes you registered for and the books and course materials you need. Select from physical and digital options, select delivery details, and check out. 

Learn how to access your digital course materials

  1. Go to the bookstore website is Eastern Iowa Community College Online Bookstore (
  2. Click on the 'Log In With Your School Credentials'
  3. The next screen will show your classes and any required books. 

If you still have issues with ordering their books, please contact*:

Brenda Struve

Brenda Struve, Bookstore & Content Support Services Manager

*Do not use the B&N email

There will be no Barnes & Noble 'Buy Back' at the college. Students can choose to sell there books back through the EICC Online Bookstore. Other options include Amazon or Chegg.  


EICC’s on-campus bookstores have closed and we’re preparing to transition to an exciting new bookstore model in the fall. Until then, we wanted to make it easy for you to get your books from us, or you can purchase them from any vendor you choose. 

All purchases of $49 or more ship for free. Your materials can be delivered to your home or your campus. You can pick them up in the former bookstore.  

If you qualify for financial aid, you can “charge” your books. You can also pay by credit, debit, or a prepaid card. Or use PayPal, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. What is the Marketplace?  This is where students and vendors across the U.S. buy and sell books at a discount. On average, you can save about 60% on a Marketplace book. Please note, Marketplace items do not qualify for free shipping.

Yes, and we issue a refund if your book(s) are returned within 30 days of your order or two weeks after the start of the class. Most ebooks can be returned, and you have 14 days to do so. Marketplace items are not returnable. If you miss the deadline or ordered something that can’t be returned, you can post it for sale in Marketplace.

You can post your textbook(s) for sale on Marketplace. Some books get an instant bid from resale vendors. You can accept that bid and send it off to the buyer, or you can post it. Once your book is sold we direct deposit the funds into your bank account or you can choose bookstore credit (this option gets you an extra 5% back).


Starting Fall 2024 – Flat Rate Access Program

Starting Aug. 1, most EICC students* can receive all of their course materials for a flat rate: $22 a credit hour. The EICC Bookstore - Flat Rate Access program can provide all of your textbooks, lab manuals, and more, before the first day of class each semester. 

For most students, this saves significant time and money. You know exactly how much your books are going to cost. The fee is added to your student account and covered by financial aid. If you have a tuition payment plan, your books get added in. You pay for them across the semester, not all at once. Through programs like this, students save an average of 30% on textbooks. And, if you don't want to participate, you can opt-out. 

Picking courses doesn’t have to be a financial decision that weighs on the cost of the textbook. Education must be accessible to all, and the Flat Rate Access program moves us, and you, so much closer to that goal.

Here’s how it works

Faculty select and submit the course materials they want to use. Akademos, the company we’ve partnered with to launch Flat Rate Access, sources the materials in physical and digital formats.

When you register for classes, your books are automatically ordered. Physical textbooks are shipped for free to your home or to campus. If an instructor has chosen a digital textbook, we’ll email you the access information.  

The per credit fee is then added to your account and covered by financial aid. If you have a tuition payment plan, your books get added in and you pay for them across the semester. 

You have until the first day of the term/semester to opt-out of the program and purchase course materials on your own. For Fall 2024, that deadline is Aug. 26. If you don’t opt-out, your student account will be charged $22 per credit hour.

Program benefits

  • High-quality, low-cost course materials for all of your classes.
  • One flat fee regardless of course, major, or book format.
  • No out-of-pocket costs.
  • Get all of your books delivered before the first day of class. 
  • Digital materials are easily referenced through an eLibrary.
  • Year-round support.

This program is easy on you. Unless you opt-out by the first day of the term/semester, there's nothing you have to do. Starting Aug. 1, 2024, you can check out your personalized student homepage at to see what materials you'll receive. Physical textbooks will be delivered to you and digital access information will be sent by email. 

Student FAQ

 This program automatically provides the course materials you need before classes even start. This eliminates the time and effort it takes to search for the textbooks you need. For the 2024-2024 Academic Year, Nursing Students will not be part of the Flat Rate Program. 

Cost is one reason more and more students can’t afford required course materials. Through similar programs, students, on average, save about 30%. 

In the Nursing program, students buy a comprehensive textbook their first year and use it until they graduate. Not every textbook is purchased  each semester for the nursing program.  The college continue to work with the nursing program to explore the best and most cost effective way for students to purchase textbooks. At this time, for Nursing students, the best approach is Student Choice – online ordering.   

If you don’t opt-out of the program by the first day of the term/semester (not the first day of your class), EICC will charge you $22 per credit hour, regardless of how much each individual textbook would cost if you purchased them separately. In that case, your cost would depend on which books/course materials your faculty adopted that year.

The opt-out deadline for Fall 2024 is Aug. 26. 

At EICC, all students pay the same rate for tuition, regardless of major. However, financial inequity remains when it comes to textbooks and course materials. This program ensures you have access to the same academic opportunities, regardless of your field of study.

All of the books and materials you'll need will be posted on your personalized student homepage at starting:

  • Aug. 1 for Fall 2024 courses
  • Dec. 1 for Winterim/Spring 2025 courses
  • May 1 for Summer 2025

If you choose to opt-out, you can do so starting on the same dates. Don't delay. You have until the first day of the term/semester to do so. For Fall 2024, the opt-out deadline is Aug. 26.

Yes. If you choose to opt-out, you’ll need to purchase textbooks at current retail or resale prices from the online Student Choice bookstore or outlet of your choice. You can easily opt back in if you change your mind. Go to and login. Click "My Courses" at the top pf the page, and when it opens, the opt-out deadline will be listed. For Fall 2024, that date is Aug. 26.

If this program doesn’t meet your needs, you can opt -out every semester. The opt-out page link becomes available when the term is active and you have registered for classes. You can also easily opt back in if you change your mind. Go to and login. Click "My Courses" at the top of the page, and when it opens, the opt-out deadline will be listed. For Fall 2024, that date is Aug. 26. 

No, this program is all-in or all-out for each term. 

If you don't have financial aid, the fee is added to your student account. If you have a tuition payment plan, you'll pay for your books across the semester, not all at once.

The fee is added to your student account and covered by financial aid. If opting-out is a better financial decision, you can still charge your books and course materials to your financial aid if you purchase them from EICC’s online bookstore,

Adding a class: The bookstore will continually check for new enrollments in classes until the add/drop date. If you need any more materials, those will be automatically processed. To check delivery status, login to and click “Track.”

Dropping a class: If physical items were delivered to you, watch for an email with return instructions. You will have seven days to return the materials or you'll be charged. For digital course materials that have not been accessed, the codes will be deactivated and you won't have access to the materials. If you've already accessed digital course materials for dropped course, contact the bookstore for instructions.

We will provide accessible materials. Any student with needs different than those adopted by faculty will automatically be provided.

Go to and login with your EICC account. Your student homepage will list your registered courses and the materials you'll receive starting:

  • Aug. 1 for Fall 2024
  • Dec. 1 for Winterim/Spring courses
  • May 1 for Summer 2025

Course materials are provided in the format requested by faculty. Your bundle could have a mix of physical and digital materials. Shipping is free.  

No, the bookstore will send a confirmation email so you know what materials you'll receive, but you don't need to take any action to ensure the materials are delivered.

If you recently added a course, the order might still be on its way. Visit the website to review your student homepage and see when your materials will arrive. You can also contact the bookstore for a status update or to review your account in case there is a discrepancy.

Access information will be emailed to you on or before the first day of class. Depending on the item, materials will be available through your LMS account, a publisher website, or through VitalSource. If you ever need a reminder about what digital course materials you should have access to, visit your eLibrary in your bookstore account to see a master list.

Contact the bookstore through the website for assistance. Make sure to include your email, course name, course section, and the ISBN of the missing item.

The bookstore will replace them as needed. Contact them via the Help page on the website. 

No, you own the textbooks at the end of the term. For digital course materials, there may be a time limit on how long you can access them. Expiration dates are listed in your eLibrary account.

If you have any physical textbooks or manuals, those have to be returned before a refund is issued. You have seven days to return those materials or you'll be charged. 

Refunds will be processed in accordance with existing deadlines and procedures through the school's registrar's office.

We'll notify you when your books are in. If you don't pick them up, you'll still be charged. Abandoned items become EICC property.


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