Student Resources and Assistance

Our campuses are open for Student Service from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  We encourage you to call and make an appointment prior to coming to campus for the following services: Admissions, Advising, Financial Aid, Testing Center, and Computer Lab.

Contact information is below. Also, the links in the blue side navigation box provide tips on locating additional information on EICConnect.


You can find information on resources available in our community here.


We encourage you to contact your advisor directly through email. Advisors will be conducting advising appointments via phone or Zoom. You can find your advisor information in EICConnect - Self Service - Student Planning Module - Plan & Schedule - Advising tab.

In addition to email, you can leave your advisor a voicemail message. They will be working to respond to voicemails as quickly as possible.

If you are unable to reach your advisor directly, please contact:


Advisor Contact Information

Clinton Community College

Muscatine Community College

Scott Community College

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RISE (Retention Initiative with Support & Encouragement) is a Clinton Community College student support program to help students achieve personal, professional, and academic success at CCC and beyond. 

The program includes opportunities for academic support, career advising, assistance with the transfer process, social events, networking, and more. RISE scholars are required to attend a certain number of events and activities throughout fall and spring for a total of 50 hours. Upon meeting all of the expectations for the year, participants will receive a $500 stipend that can be used toward tuition and books during their next semester. 

To apply for RISE, please complete the RISE Application. See program qualifications and more information at

For more information please contact:

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TRIO is a specialized advising program for students who are either first generation college students, have limited financial resources or have a disability. TRIO provides tutoring services, transfer planning, academic advisement, cultural trips as well as a computer lab with free printing are some of the many services that TRIO offers to its participants. To apply to the TRIO program please complete the online TRIO Application.


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Financial Aid

You can continue to review your financial aid information including financial aid awards and refund information within EICConnect Go to EICConnect - Self Service - Financial Aid. 

We encourage you to start planning for next academic year by completing your FAFSA now. Information on FAFSA can be found here.

Financial aid staff will be working to answer your questions. You can reach your financial aid team using these email addresses:


We will also be responding to phone calls to our financial aid lines at:


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Business Office

If you are anticipating a refund check, please ensure your refund preferences are set up with Bank Mobile.  You can find information on those steps here

You can access and pay your student bill via EICConnect - Go to Self Service – Financial Information – eBill-Student Finance – Make a Payment  

Information on payment plan can be found here.

For assistance from the business office:


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Registration and Records

Request an Official Transcript here

If you are sending a transcript from another college or university and need it evaluated, please complete the transcript request form:

You can also view and print an unofficial transcript by accessing EICConnect – EICConnect – Self Service – Academics – Unofficial Transcript.

If you need to make adjustments to your spring or summer schedule, please contact your advisor to assist you in conducting those steps. 

We encourage you to email records and registration at these email address:


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Disability Services

Your disabilities services staff are available to assist you during this transition.  Contacts for the disabilities staff are below:

Information on disabilities services can be found here


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Library Services include help finding information for papers and presentations, computers with Microsoft Office, printing, and print/electronic books, magazines, and videos.

Information on accessing digital content and library resources can be found here.


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Online tutoring is also available to all EICC students through Smarthinking. 
Each student has a total of 15 hours of tutoring services for the academic year (August through July), regardless of how many courses the student is taking.

Students access this service by clicking on the Online Tutoring link under Course Home within their courses. An additional username or password is not needed to access Smarthinking.

For more details about Smarthinking as well as other resources located within a course, visit the Student Resource page.

Additional Tutoring Options 

The colleges are offering tutoring online via Zoom and writing consultations via email. 

Zoom tutoring - By emailing the Student Success Center, students may request a 45-minute Zoom meeting for live remote tutoring. The tutor will set up the Zoom meeting and send the access number to the student.

Writing Consultations - Students can email the Success Center to request a tutor read their paper and make comments using the comments feature in Microsoft Word. The tutor will respond within 48 hours of receiving the paper (not including weekends). Students must forward the assignment sheet along with their paper.

Clinton Community College Student Success Center

Muscatine Community College Success Center

Scott Community College Academic Support Center


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Counseling Services - SAP (Student Assistance Program)


EICC’s Student Assistance Program providers offer counseling services to help you make healthy changes in your life and learn coping methods to overcome any challenges life throws your way.

SAP is a student sponsored program utilizing counselors who specialize in the assessment of personal problems that is designed to assist in managing individual, family or school-based stress, ideally before a crisis develops.

SAP provides free, confidential access to short-term mental health services and referrals for ongoing care.

The counseling process begins with your phone call. Our receiving staff will help you schedule an appointment at the campus location of your choice. Telehealth and phone appointments are also available. The entire process (scheduling, appointments, and the resolution of your problem) will remain confidential.

Your student advisor may encourage the use of SAP if personal or school-based problems begin to affect your school-based performance. In all cases SAP counselors remain subject to federal confidentiality laws.

For customer service assistance call Stephanie Burrough 563-742-2455 or email 

To schedule an appointment, call 309-779-2273 or toll-free 800-383-7900.

Hours and Locations

  • Scott Community College
    Location: Room 2406
    Mondays & Thursdays
    8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

  • Muscatine Community College,
    Location: Student Center
    8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

  • Clinton Community College
    Location: Student Services
    8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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Career Services

You can find a variety of career services information here

You can also connect with the career services staff via email.


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Iowa Concern 

With a toll-free phone number, live chat capabilities and a website, Iowa Concern services are available 24 hours a day, seven days per week at no charge. Iowa Concern provides access to stress counselors and an attorney for legal education, as well as information and referral services for a wide variety of topics. To reach Iowa Concern call 1-800-447-1985.

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Our admissions team continues to be available to answer your questions, assist you in planning for next steps and discuss program options.  The admissions staff can set up a phone or Zoom appointment with you to help you stay on track to start this summer or fall or to simply explore your options. 

Clinton Community College – Heather Evans, 563-244-7007

Muscatine Community College – Kari Hanson, 563-288-6007

Scott Community College – Main Campus – Kelsey King, 563-441-4007

Urban Campus and Blong Technology Center- Amy Herrig, 563-336-5258

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To ensure you can obtain the academic resources you need, you can order them online and the bookstore will ship them to you, at no charge.

To place your order, please go to

The Barnes and Nobles College Bookstores are open. Visit the bookstore page for hours of operation. 

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Online Resource Fairs

Clinton, Scott and Muscatine Community Colleges recently hosted Online Resource Fairs for students. Recordings of the fair and resource contact information will be located here as we get recordings


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CircleIn App

CircleIn is an easy to use studying app and website where you can study remotely, collaborate with your classmates, and stay productive. Find out more at

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