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Student Check List for Fall 2021

✔️ Review College COVID Protocols

✔️ Pay for Classes – Fall Tuition is Due August 9, 2021!

✔️ Schedule an Appointment to Meet with Your Advisor

✔️ Access your Student Portal on EICConnect

✔️ Complete the Placement Requirement/Assessment

✔️ Purchase Textbooks and Other Class Materials

✔️ Attend New Student BRIDGE Experience

✔️ Add Important Dates and Deadlines to Your Calendar


💰 Pay for Classes

You will need to have engaged in the financial aid process, be signed up for the payment plan or pay for your classes by August 9. There are many options to pay for your classes:

  • Pay in full by credit/debit card by going to: EICConnect > Important Links > Self Service > eBill
  • Pay in full by mailing a check to:

    Clinton Community College
    Attn: Business Office
    1000 Lincoln Blvd.
    Clinton, IA 52732

    Muscatine Community College
    Attn: Business Office
    152 Colorado St.
    Muscatine, IA 52761

    Scott Community College
    Attn: Business Office
    500 Belmont Rd.
    Bettendorf, IA 52722

    Pay in full by cash, check, or credit/debit card at the campuses’ Business Office or by phone for debit/credit:

CCC: 563-244-7123

MCC: 563-288-6123


  • NBS (Nelnet Business Solutions) Payment Plan available for account balances of $200 or more. Make automatic monthly payments from your checking or savings account or a credit/debit card for a $25.00 non-refundable enrollment fee. eicc.edu/NBS

    To access NBS, log into EICConnect and go to Important Links > Self-Service > Financial Information > eBill > Payment Plan. Click on Proceed to Processor. 

    NBS Payment Schedule for Fall 2021

    Apply on or Before

    % Down

    Monthly Pay Dates

     # Pays



    July 5 / November 5




    August 5 / November 5




    September 20 / November 20




    September 20 / November 20




    October 5 / November 5




    November 5 only



Call NBS at 800-609-8056 or email help@nelnet.net to make any changes to your address, phone, or financial information. You will need your EICConnect Username & Password to do so.

If you have a scholarship awarded, the scholarship acts as a payment on your account and holds you in your courses. Your remaining balance must be paid by October 15, 2021. To see your awarded scholarships applied to your account, access your eBill.

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📅 Schedule an Appointment with Your Advisor

New students will meet with an academic advisor to discuss academic plans, review placement scores, create a degree plan, and register for your term’s classes. Your advisor will assist you on creating a plan that gets your started on the right path to degree completion.

CCC: 563-244-7004
MCC: 563-288-6001
SCC: 563-441-4000

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🖱️ Access your Student Portal on EICConnect

The student portal, EICConnect, is an important resource for students. This is where you can access your student schedule, bill, and financial aid information. In addition, your student email account is available through EICConnect. Information on advising, class syllabuses, activities, and access to your online courses can also be found in the portal.

You will learn about EICConnect during orientation, but is important that you log in and utilize this resource on a regular basis.

    1. To access your Student Portal, EICConnect, go to eicc.edu/EICConnect and login. If you do not know your Username and Password, click on the applicable links below to obtain them.

      EICConnect Login Screen Screen shot
    2. By hovering over the Menu, it will give you categories to explore. All email correspondence from the college will be sent to your EICConnect email account (”Username”@live.eicc.edu). Under Important Links click on “Self Service” where you will find all of your financial and academic information.

For questions, contact the EICC Help Desk at 563-336-3456 or helpdesk@eicc.edu

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📝Complete the Placement Requirement/Assessment

Making sure students get off on the right foot is extremely important to us. That’s why all Eastern Iowa Community Colleges students are required to complete our placement process. It makes sure you are placed in the appropriate classes right from the start.

For English and Reading Placement you have four options:

    • Submit Your High School Transcripts OR
    • Submit Your ACT Scores OR
    • Submit Your SAT Scores OR
    • Submit Your HiSET Scores

For Math Placement there are three options:

    • Submit Your ACT Scores with a Math Score of 22 or Higher OR
    • Submit Your SAT Scores OR
    • Complete the ALEKS* Math Placement through the college

If you’ve already completed a college level math or English course with a C grade or better, you may be exempt from submitting the corresponding information above. You’re encouraged to speak with a college admissions coordinator or advisor to discuss options.

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📝 Purchase Textbooks and Other Class Materials

Before the start of classes, you can stop by our college bookstores to buy your textbooks and other required materials for your college courses. Students who have been awarded Financial Aid, and are eligible to charge books, may do so beginning on August 9, 2021. The last day to charge textbooks against financial aid is September 3, 2021.

  • To access your required textbooks log into EICConnect, go to: Important Links > Self Service > Academics   > Student Planning > Plan & Schedule > Textbooks

Used textbooks will save you up to 25% off the cost of new textbooks.

Rental textbooks will save you up to 50% off the cost of new textbooks.

E-texts are a great option and save you up to 60% off of new textbooks.

Contact the college bookstores for information about textbooks.

CCC: 563-244-7111
MCC: 563-288-6110
SCC: 563-441-4111
SCC Urban Campus: 563-336-5280

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🧭 Attend New Student BRIDGE Experience

All new students are required to attend BRIDGE Orientation.
During orientation, students will be provided key information on college resources, take a tour of campus, and discover ways to get involved!

Sessions are offered at a variety of times. Visit www.eicc.edu/bridge or call the campus nearest you to register for your BRIDGE experience.

For questions regarding New Student Orientation, please contact your campus below.

CCC: 563-244-7004, klarson@eicc.edu 
MCC: 563-288-6001, MuscatineCCAdmissions@eicc.edu 
SCC: 563-441-4000, sccorientation@eicc.edu
Toll Free: 1-888-336-3907

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📅 Important Dates and Deadlines to Note

Financial Aid Applicants

Financial aid will be applied to your account after the semester begins and attendance is confirmed. To review your financial aid and tuition and fees, log into EICConnect > Important Links > Self-Service >  eBill

    • Financial aid refunds (Pell grant and non-1st time borrower loans) are mailed on a weekly basis beginning on September 12, 2021.
    • First time borrower’s loan refunds will be mailed beginning on September 24, 2021.

Guest Students

Students enrolled under a consortium agreement are required to meet the August 9 tuition due date.

If you are a student transferring your EICC course credits back to your home institution after the fall semester, you may be able to receive financial aid through a consortium agreement process. Please contact your home institution to determine if you have eligibility and for details on how to initiate the consortium agreement process.

Clinton Community College

Clinton Community College, Financial Aid Office

1000 Lincoln Blvd., Clinton, IA 52732

Phone: 1-563-244-7070
Fax: 1-563- 244-7117
Email: cccfinaid@eicc.edu 

Muscatine Community College

Scott Community College, Attn: Nancy Drucker

500 Belmont Rd., Bettendorf, IA 52722


Phone: 563-441-4040
Fax: 563- 441-4044

Email: ndrucker@eicc.edu


Scott Community College

Scott Community College, Financial Aid Office

500 Belmont Road,
Bettendorf, IA 52722


Phone: 1-563-441-4040
Fax: 1-563-441-4044

Email: sccfinaid@eicc.edu

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Tuition Refund Policy

There are required steps that need to be taken if you wish to withdraw from your fall courses and receive a tuition refund. Refunds are issued per the schedule below. Please contact the Registrar’s Office for assistance with completing these required steps in order to avoid jeopardizing your financial and academic standing.

16-Week Online & Lecture/Lab Session

Withdrawal Date

Refund Amount

On or before August 22

100% (tuition & fees)

August 23 – 27

100% (tuition only)

August 28 – September 3

50% (tuition only)

First 8-Week Online & Lecture/Lab Session

Withdrawal Date

Refund Amount

On or before August 22

100% (tuition & fees)

August 23 – 24

100% (tuition only)

August 25 - 27

50% (tuition only)

12-Week Online & Lecture/Lab Session

Withdrawal Date

Refund Amount

On or before September 19

100% (tuition & fees)

September 20 - 22

100% (tuition only)

September 23 - 27

50% (tuition only)

 Second 8-Week Online & Lecture/Lab Session

Withdrawal Date

Refund Amount

On or before October 17

100% (tuition & fees)

October 18 – 19

100% (tuition only)

October 21 - 22

50% (tuition only)

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