NEW Classes start March 20, there is still time to register



Two students in science lab performing a science experimentIt’s not too late to register for classes at Eastern Iowa Community Colleges (EICC). A new session begins March 20 with an eight-week term ending in mid-May.

Current students

Pick up some extra credits.
Contact your advisor to register.

New Students

You can start college now with online general education courses designed for your busy life. Financial aid is available. Apply now to get started.

The old model of waiting to begin classes only at the start of a semester is long over. Starting at that traditional time doesn’t work for everyone. Students have far more commitments they are dealing with and they are looking for more options when committing to college.

Classes in the upcoming session are all offered online and meet for the same number of class hours as the traditional 16-week schedule, they’re just held in a more compact period of time.

The eight-week schedule is ideal for people who were unable to begin classes in January. They also work great for those current students who need to pick up an extra class to fill out their schedule. Financial aid is available. Courses offered include general education requirements, as well as entry courses for career and technical programs.

Second Eight Week Classes

For more information, contact the college at:


Or call 1-888-336-3907, email