IT Programs available online this Fall



Time and money no longer need to be an issue for anyone pursuing a career in Information Technology. That’s because, beginning this Fall, all of Eastern Iowa Community Colleges’ IT programs will be available both ONLINE as well as in the classroom.

AND, thanks to Iowa’s Last Dollar program, Iowa residents don’t have to pay any tuition. (Note to out-of-state residents, even though you can’t take advantage of the Iowa program, you can still take advantage of our low tuition rate.)

First, let’s talk about those programs, including:

  • Augmented & Virtual Reality – AVR is taking over the business world where companies are using it to train their employees on all sorts of work tasks. EICC’s AVR Academy teaches you the skills needed to be successful in creating virtual and augmented reality content and applications for industry and training. These include architecture and product visualization, game creation, multimedia design and broadcast media.

  • Cybersecurity – We need look no further than the May, 2021, cyberattack that shook the East coast petroleum industry to understand just how important Cybersecurity is in today’s world. As a Cybersecurity expert, you work to keep computer networks safe by using your intensive training in network operating systems, network security and network attack detection, analysis and countermeasures.

  • Networking – Get into what makes computers and computer networks tick, playing a vital role in the smooth operation of businesses and organizations Learn to troubleshoot both hardware and software, analyze problems, provide support for users and monitor network resources.

  • Programming - As a Computer Programmer, you’ll create software programs used to target the specific needs of businesses or individuals using computer languages such as Visual Basic, C# and Java. Your code will help meet needs for the daily management, administration or performance of jobs. In the majority of cases, computer programmers also design a graphical user interface (GUI) so that non-technical users can run the software through easy, point-and-click, menu-oriented  modules.

  • Web Development – Remember when people said the web was a fad that would go away? Neither do we. Websites are becoming more and more exciting and innovative every day. As a Web Design Developer, you’ll use both your creative and technical side creating, designing, updating and maintaining web pages and full websites using web development and scripting languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, and Perl, among others.

Iowa Last Dollar Program

Now let’s get back to how you don’t have to pay tuition for these programs. Two years ago, the state of Iowa began paying the tuition for students enrolled in high demand programs in the state. Employers are looking hard to find well-trained and ready-to-go employees in these programs. All of EICC’s Information Technology programs are included.

The Iowa Tuition program works very simply. You just file the FAFSA, the standard, free, form for applying for financial aid used all across the nation. Once it’s determined how much you might receive from other sources, the state pays the difference. Even if you receive nothing at all from other sources, Iowa picks up the full cost of tuition. Bottom line, you pay no tuition.

For more information just give us a call at 1-888-336-3907 (toll-free) or email