2023 Women in Information Technology Conference

Friday, March 24, 2023 
Scott Community College Urban Campus
101 W 3rd St, Davenport, IA 52801

Join us for Eastern Iowa Community Colleges' (EICC) seventh annual Women in Information Technology (WIT) Conference at Scott Community College Urban Campus in downtown Davenport. The one-day conference is open to area women working in technology-related fields, current students, and women who might be considering a technology career. 

Through breakout and keynote sessions, participants will learn about cyber security, project management, new innovations in technology, career search and interview skills, what it like for women in the work place, and more. Lunch is included with the cost of registration. 

Veterans Tech Support: Technology Training for our Nation’s Heroes

Abigail Johnson, Founder & CEO of Veterans Tech Support

Abigail has always been a high-achieving dreamer. At 15, she started noticing that her computer and technology skills were well above her classmates. It was then that she discovered her passion for technology and found the perfect opportunity with the American Legion, where she was a member of the Auxiliary - Blue Grass Unit 711. Abigail was nominated for, and won, the 2021-2022 Pilot Pen ‘Science FriXion’ STEM Student Grant. With these funds, she was able to establish Veterans Tech Support—a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that seeks to support local legionnaires and their families with technology needs.

During her keynote presentation, "Veterans Tech Support: Technology Training for our Nation’s Heroes", Abigail will share her story: how a 14-year-old high school student was able to land a STEM grant from the Kelly Clarkson Show and start a non-profit organization called Veterans Tech Support. Together you'll discuss services the organization provides and how its expanded from just one location to three locations in less than a year.

You'll also learn:

  • Why tech training for veterans is needed.
  • How Veterans Tech Support uses funding and volunteers to assist veterans.
  • The future plans for Veterans Tech Support.


  • Cyber Escape Room
    Sam Oppel, ProCircular

    Work together to solve the case of an attacker who has infiltrated your company in order to steal sensitive data. Teams will work together to identify key pieces of the puzzle to get the attacker's username and password, then classify the acquired data to identify who needs to be notified of the breached data. 

  • Technology Hiring and Compensation Trends
    Stacey Singleton and Robert Half, Robert Half International

    Learn how hiring managers are attracting top candidates and enhancing retention efforts in a shifting job market. Explore how to a find a mentor, what skills employers need most, and how to navigate compensation.

  • Having a breakdown? Let Microsoft Project help with that!
    Jennifer Thompson, Kent Corporation

    Breakdowns can be fun! We'll look at how to use Microsoft Project to create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and help you manage your projects. We'll also explore the tool's features and functionality, which includes tracking resources, deliverables, and project timelines. Other session highlights involve reviewing technology trends and creating a real-time project together. This session will teach you how to turn your breakdown into a full-blown, functional, and realistic project schedule. YOU CAN DO IT!

  • Nursing Informatics: Combining Science and Tech
    Michelle Martin, Oracle Health

    Dive into the exciting field of nursing and healthcare informatics. As a nurse who works in IT, Martin will share valuable insight on how nurses can bring clinical knowledge into the tech world. Together we'll discuss how intertwined both worlds can be by demonstrating key responsibilities and interactions with nursing staff, physicians, and leaders in healthcare. Martin will close out the session by providing references for "next steps" to enter into her scope of work and speak about how she got to where she is now... challenges and all.

  • The Train Has Left the Station, But I’m Still on the Platform: Change and Stress Management
    Lori Owens, Army Sustainment Command

    The one constant in our lives seems to be change. It’s everywhere we look, on every front. And sometimes it moves out faster than we can get on board. All the changes, along with everyday living, can increase your stress load, making life feel overwhelming and unmanageable at times. Learn some tips on how to alter your mindset; some practical tips on how to manage stress; and best of all, how to thrive in the midst of it all.

  • Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance: Convergence of Requirements
    Tierney Robinson, ProCircular

    The need for governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) is on the rise due to the number of compliance standards and regulations industries are subject to. During this presentation, attendees will learn how GRC plays an increasingly important role in the operations of many organizations, and how aligning IT goals with business objectives can effectively manage cyber risks and achieve regulatory needs.

Did you know we offer discounted conference rates for current students? The cost to attend is just $10—that's more than half-off the cost of registration! We also offer WIT Conference Scholarships available to those in need. Please email Tyné Rieck, EICC Certified Program Planner, at tlrieck@eicc.edu to receive your student discount code or apply for a scholarship.

Call for Sponsors 

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